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Caring for Extended Eyelashes

Extended eyelashes require special care. One girls care extended eyelashes does not seem too onerous, while others often refuse to complete full because of the troublesome maintenance.

The service life of eyelash extensions depends on the technology capacity and an average of 2 weeks to 1 month. Extended eyelashes fall out gradually; with proper care process is gradual and imperceptible. Natural eyelash dropping drags the artificial.

Caring for extended eyelashes do not depend on what technology they were increased. Those who do are constantly increasing; the correction should go about once a half to two weeks.

Caring for Extended Eyelashes

Caring for extended eyelashes consists of simple rules compliance.

  1. Within 2 hours after the procedure, you can not build wash.
  2. If possible do not use mascara and other eye makeup as extended eyelashes can come off by carefully rubbing his eyes when washing.
  3. Stop using greasy creams and cosmetics to the eyes as they can dissolve the adhesive texture.
  4. Always wash your face gently, do not rub your eyes.
  5. Steam baths, saunas, the use of contact lenses can significantly shorten the life of eyelash extensions.
  6. Under no circumstances should you try to get rid of eyelash extensions themselves.
  7. Be sure to make time correction after consulting with the master.
  8. Walk with artificial eyelashes recommended no more than six months.
  9. After the removal of artificial cilia natural lashes need special care and nutrition. To do this, they need to be lubricated daily with castor oil (available at pharmacies).
  10. Do not rub your eyes and go to sleep her face buried in the pillow.
  11. Many experts recommend combing a very special extended eyelashes thick brush. If you do not have a brush, you can use a brush from the old carcasses after washing and dry it.
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We should also note that special care is needed for oily skin in the area of age is required to remove excess sebum as this may damage the lashes. Eyelash extensions are not recommended for women who are prone to allergies, suffering from conjunctivitis and other eye diseases, as well as women with sensitive eyes.

Caring for extended eyelashes will not take much of your time but eyelashes after treatment capacity will look chic & Pros and cons of the procedure in the same lot, so you decide to build or not to build up the lashes.

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