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Tree ideas

Christmas tree ideas are the classic balls, wires twinkling, the stars and tips.

Things already seen and magazines, year after year, Whereas in many homes there is preparing to decorate the Christmas tree, why not hunt around, perhaps even with the help of the Internet, some innovative ideas, original and a little ‘extravagant to beautify our tree?

One thing is certain: the proposals are really many, often very cheap and also very fun to do, maybe even with the collaboration of children.

You could create a Christmas tree decorating with origami, with cans of food, with photos of your loved ones or your friends, with the cloth dolls, with the colorful flowers, with cans of various drinks, with decorations beads, ribbons knotted as flakes, with gomitolini of colored wool, with the silver teaspoons, with oranges, dried fruit, chocolates or candy. In short, the possibilities are endless, just a little ‘imagination and a minimum of healthy Christmas spirit!

Some Christmas tree inspiration below…