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Eyebrows professionally with over 10 years experience and a team of doctors and technicians skilled embroidery spray, always updated with the latest spray technology embroidery experts.


Eyebrow embroidery technique was created by alternating eyebrows with eyebrow really should look softer spray and tattoos. Implementation period of 40-60 minutes Color ink used for embroidery is based on hair color, skin tone and face. Professional will use a special type of needle embroidery on each fiber as drawing eyebrows Furniture not create as spraying colors. Given the billions of plastic so this technique is called embroidery, embroidery needle enters the skin only 0.2mm so painless, no swelling, no bleeding. Time Embroidery survives 2-3 years.

Customers would be satisfied with coming to us. First of all you will be counseled carefully designs eyebrows, lip color to suit each face, profession and her age. With new techniques spray lightly embroidered painless swelling not only 40 minutes you will have a natural brows, succulent lips. All tools are used for each of you separately.

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