Colorful Winter Makeup Tips and Cosmetics For 2017


Colorful Winter Makeup Tips and colorless but why not make it on and bright thanks to the trick?

Here are some tips about Colorful Winter Makeup Tips 2017.

The New Year has arrived we begin the new resolutions and hope that each objective can be achieved without losing our looks, of course. Thanks to numerous fashion show it was possible to find out what will be in vogue for the seasons 2017. Shelookbook has decided to suggest some tips about makeup for winter 2017.

Colorful Winter Makeup Tips For 2014 -16

First of all, pay attention to eye shadows, lipsticks, pencils, and cosmetics. Yes, even your skin will have to be made up; perhaps using the cc cream can standardize your natural color avoiding the unpleasant effect mask. Even eye shadows and lipsticks are rather neutral and pink colors but for those who dare to find the burgundy lips, blue and purple for the eyes.

Colorful Winter Makeup Tips For 2014 -15

Remember to wear bright lipsticks and intense only if the makeup on the eyes is light and natural. The dark eye shadows in vogue this 2017, dark purple and green to achieve the perfect Smokey eyes that can make your look incredibly seductive. Also, do not neglect the eyebrows should be treated with attention to detail.

Colorful Winter Makeup Tips For 2014 -14

Shelookbook suggests cream products as they will be the trend for this year just started. For both blackberries for blondes the colors this year is quite loads and challenging but if blurred in the right way will make you irresistible. Green light for illuminating concealers and mineral powder for a light and elegant look.

Colorful Winter Makeup Tips For 2014 -13

The lipsticks predominant concern around the shades of dark red but they also accept the lip gloss pink and peach and nice shades.

Colorful Winter Makeup Tips For 2014 -12

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