Discover The Christmas Traditions Of The British Royal Family


If you have always dreamed of living a royal Christmas, take notes. A former chef who worked for the Royal Family in England revealed how Elizabeth II and her family loved to celebrate the end of year celebrations.

The Christmas Traditions Of The British Royal Family
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At Christmas, each family has its traditions. From the chicest to the zaniest, to the most classic and the cutest, discover the traditions of the British royal family.

A Christmas at Sandringham Estate

Each year, the royal family celebrates Christmas at the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk County. Far from the splendor that one can imagine, the field is simply decorated. There is a big tree in the living room and another smaller artificial and silver in the dining room (the same for thirty years).

The queen goes by train to Sandringham, she reserves a car on a line classic. And do not imagine either that princes and princesses all have huge suites with private bathrooms. The more years pass and the more they are numerous. Some sleep in the quarters of the servants, the youngest have to share rooms.

The traditional Christmas meal of the queen

Each year, the menu is the same for the 24 members of the royal family gathered in Sandringham. The classic Christmas meal takes place at lunch. They eat a salad with shrimp or lobster, small sausages wrapped in bacon, roast turkey, carrots, parsnip purée, Brussels sprouts, and potatoes. They then enjoy a Christmas pudding for dessert.

In the afternoon, they all gather for a very British tea time during which they enjoy scones and mini sandwiches while the children bring the final touch to the tree. The Queen is addicted to chocolate, so Christmas is an essential element.

Fun traditions of the royal family

The members of the royal family bend to other more original traditions. The Princes William and Harry play a football game’s Eve night with field employees. They display the colors of their favorite team and compete against the rest of the family. Others sometimes join them, like Kate Middleton’s brother, James.

At dinner, the tradition is a bit more original. A buffet is set up, and it is the queen who exceptionally does the service for the guests. She toasts with the chef after he cuts the ham.

After dinner, it’s time to open the gifts. And every year, they compete for originality to find the most bizarre gifts possible. Harry even offered a year to his grandmother, the Queen a shower cap with written “Life is a bitch”.

Who attends Royal Christmas in Sandringham?

In principle, only members of the Royal Blood Family, and their husbands and wives are invited to Sandringham for Christmas. In 2010, Kate Middleton, then a simple girlfriend of William had not had the right to spend the holidays with the prince. But traditions evolve. Meghan Markle the fiancée of Prince Harry will be this year among the guests in Sandringham next to the Queen.

Previously, Christmas was a mandatory holiday. After her marriage to Charles, Diana had never spent Christmas with her parents. But Kate Middleton and William have made this imperative evolve. For example, last year they went to the traditional Mass on December 25 in the morning with the whole royal family but went home to lunch with Kate’s family afterward.

The circle remains restricted during the meals of these two days, but some opportunities are open, like the photo of Christmas, where the parents of Kate Middleton have already been invited.

Good meals, odd gifts, the royal family finally celebrates a Christmas almost normal. We said almost …

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