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DIY Halloween Nails – 6 Simple Instructions For Motifs And Patterns

DIY Halloween Nails – 6 Simple Instructions For Motifs And Patterns

DIY Halloween Nails – 6 Simple Instructions For Motifs And Patterns
September 12
22:22 2017

If a particular occasion or a festival close, one would like to get into the best mood with the help of the environment. In his home, decorations are used for this purpose. But even in oneself, you can do something to honor a certain festival.

That would be a matching Halloween Nail design. And since the popular Halloween is approaching, we have put together some unique ideas for this occasion. Learn about how to make attractive and easy Halloween nails you to get a glimpse. Even beginners will have no problems implementing ideas.

Halloween Nails With Cat Motif

The black cat is a typical symbol of Halloween, as it is said to bring misfortune. This makes them perfect as a motif of course. And although the drawing of a cat seems difficult at first, there are easy ways to look like this in this Halloween nail tutorial. You need a skin-colored or another color varnish as a background, as well as a black and a white nail polish, which is used for the eyes. Yellow or green are also suitable.

Halloween Nails Black Cat Painting Simple Idea

First, apply the base coat. If this is dried, the two ears are placed on the nail tips. Then fill the area between them with a semicircle to shape the head. This lacquer should also be left to dry well. Then draw the eyes along with pupils and your black cat is ready for Halloween nails.

Halloween Nail Styling Fingernails Self  Making

Red-Black Nails With Paint And Glitter

If you do not have the time for motifs, you can simply choose a two-color design for the Halloween nail art and use two typical colors. Very popular is the combination of red and black nail polish. After a transparent undercoat, the nails are painted red. After the layer has dried, add another layer if necessary, and allow it to dry well.

Then apply a transparent varnish to the tips of the nail, and then use a brush to spread the scintillating glitter. The conclusion is a transparent overcoat, which fixes everything well.

Halloween Nails Simple Black Red Glitter


Very effective, your fingernails will look like Halloween when you imitate blood on them. If you want to make this nail design yourself, use a skin-colored undercoat and a dark red nail polish resembling blood. The drops are quite simple. Draw three thin strips on the nail and then add dots to the ends using a dotting tool or pin.

Halloween Nails Manual Beginner Idea Skin Color Dark

The thin lines are then extended somewhat, whereby you first become narrow and in the direction of nail bed again broader. Let it also dry again before you finish with a transparent overcoat. Already you have seemingly designed bloody nails for Halloween.

Halloween Nails Blood-DIY Spatter Drops Fingerprint

Bloody nails themselves can make you but also with other techniques. This allows splashes or even bloody fingerprints to be designed. For splashes, just dive a straw into the red paint and then blow it on the fingernails. For fingerprints simply brush one of the fingers of the other hand with a little varnish and then press it on the white undercoat of another finger. With dark red color, you can make some creepy designs for fingernails themselves.

Halloween Nails With Pumpkin

Perfect Halloween nail motifs are also the pumpkins. These can make you creepy here with a frightening grimace. For the Halloween fingernails, you will need three different orange tones, a subtle glitter, and black color. Apply the skin orange tone after the undercoat. Let it dry and add three strips with the two other orange nuances. Also, allow them to dry, so the glitter is the order of the day if you want to use it. If not, you can continue with the black eyes and the mouth. Allow to dry again and seal everything with a clear lacquer.

Halloween Nails Creepy Pumpkin Pointed Fingernails Orange

Spider Web Paint – Instructions For Nails For Halloween

Do you want to make Halloween nails l with spider web itself? Then you have opted for a really simple do CH impressive design, which can be implemented in various ways and with different colors. Select the point from which the network is to be unfolded. From this point, you draw at least three lines or more if you want to draw a wider net. These lines are then connected with curved lines, whereby the net is already finished.

Orange spider drawing Halloween nails cobweb and white

You can now complete your Halloween nails with a spider or create a nail instead of a spider web with a spider. If you want to paint a spider for  Halloween, you can get it with two points, but you can also use different techniques. Very stylish are also 3D spiders, which are brought to the nail with the help of small beads or glittering stones in black or another color. Otherwise, you can play with the colors for the background. Do not forget the top coat!

Drawing Skulls

If you want black gel nails or those with simple nail polish, you can decorate them with a skull. The Nail design with the skull is also easier than you might think. A dark color is the best foundation for this nail design for Halloween, as the white skulls are more effective and the creepy mood is achieved perfectly.

Halloween Nails Skull White Black Manual Bordeaux

The individual steps are shown in the instructions. Use a very thin brush with which you can draw fine lines. After the white part is finished, allow the varnish to dry. With the black nail polish, you then draw lines like veins on the forehead of the skull, which should imitate light fractures. After a layer of the overcoat, these Halloween nails are also finished.

Halloween Nails With Pattern

A quick Halloween Nail design is also available with simple patterns that can be equally impressive. The idea with the seam around the nail is, for example, very simple, but extremely stylish and unique. Use the nail polish to make your own nail polish back to matching Halloween colors such as black, orange, yellow, purple and poison green, and create stripes or other patterns.

Halloween nails pattern seamless simple, elegant, crescent moon silver

Stripes are also a great basis for Halloween nails with mummy, using the strips for the bandages. Even a simple sickle moon in silver can be quickly and easily converted and fits perfectly to the occasion. Find different Halloween nail pictures as inspiration in our articles and let them inspire you and then also the right one Halloween makeup and outfit.

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