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Dose of Confidence for Connoisseurs

Dose of Confidence for Connoisseurs

Dose of Confidence for Connoisseurs
October 28
18:17 2014

White teeth, smile, radiance is the most important secret in bringing confidence? The answer is quite simple, is the breath.

“So Gay” Enemies Of Oral

Many people believe that oral hygiene just regular brushing a few times. This is true but it is not enough. There are many factors affecting oral health that are sometimes overlooked. Not replace regular toothbrush is also the main cause of bad breath because the brush bristles are worn, TOE, to injure the gums, tooth and tooth surface can not be cleaned – shelter plaque of food. When gums hurt, the enemy of oral bacteria will attack, causing tooth decay and bad breath.

Limit Foods Smelly

Limit Foods Smelly

One of the causes of breath odor is to use flavor foods such as coffee, alcohol and spices such as onions, garlic, and green onion … These foods contain sulfur compounds, easy to penetrate into the blood, causing your breath “smelly” many hours later. Not only that, when using these types of foods, spices with large amount of sweat excreted from your body makes the next to turn away.

“Do you” With Fruit And Herbs

While some foods upset your breath, other fruits and vegetables to help fresh breath. Celery, carrots, apples, oranges contain high levels of vitamin C, can prevent and reverse gingivitis bacteria that cause tooth decay. What kind of fruits and vegetables high in fiber also help you fight bad breath by stimulating the salivary glands, increasing moisture in the oral cavity “cleanses” plaque on the tooth surface.

Do you With Fruit And Herbs

Among them, the most common herbs used by scientists recommend are green tea. This is the “jewel” is not only useful for overall health but also repel potential dental problems in you all along.

Green Tea Mouthwash – “Limit Break” Connoisseurs

New Natural Green Tea Listerine Jerk is the secret of those who know “treasure” and take care of the mouth after brushing. Green tea contains Catechins, phenolics and components “destroy” the root of the most stubborn plaque, when combined with the mouthwash Listerine is additional 4 natural essential oils, enhanced double fluoride content, create should wrap film essences antibacterial and prevent the risk of cavities thoroughly.

Products handy to take with you and become “assistant” familiar, give people confidence with beautiful white teeth, fresh breath, and the most comprehensive and prevent cavities.

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