WHY DO I HAVE DRY SKIN? Require Different Types Of Skin WHY DO I HAVE DRY SKIN? Require Different Types Of Skin WHY DO I HAVE DRY SKIN? Require Different Types Of Skin

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WHY DO I HAVE DRY SKIN? Require Different Types Of Skin

WHY DO I HAVE DRY SKIN? Require Different Types Of Skin

WHY DO I HAVE DRY SKIN? Require Different Types Of Skin
April 14
01:01 2018

Feeling of tugging, redness, roughness, dander … Dry skin is not spared. Even less winter. But how to explain the dry skin? Focus on the main causes of dry skin.

What characterizes dry skin?

Poor skin and dehydrated skin are often mistakenly confused. However, these two types of skin require different care as recalled by the dermatologist Nina Roos, author of the book a skin in great shape at Editions Solar.


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Dry skin lacks the fatty acid that binds epidermal cells together – it’s like a brick wall that lacks cement,” she says.

The protective film can no longer produce enough sebum to ensure its barrier function against external aggression.

How to recognize dry skin?

Dry skin is rough, scaly, sensitive and irritable. It is marked by a feeling of discomfort that can be alleviated by using nourishing creams.

The dehydrated skin lacks water in the dermis.

How do you recognize dehydrated skin?

Dehydrated skin is more easily marked, wrinkles can vary from one day to another, crow’s feet and wrinkles are more pronounced and crease, because we are tired or we have drunk more alcohol “.

Causes of dry skin: external aggressions
  • Poor hygiene

Some daily habits can cause dry skin. “Fatty acids do not spoil excess soaping, it’s the” dishwashing “effect as I call it,” explains Nina Roos.

An unsuitable beauty routine attacks and also worsens the dryness of the skin. In winter, when dry skin is more fragile, Nina Roos advises dropping her hyper-complete care routine. “We forget the peels and scrubs for a while and we put on creams richer and more restorative to restore the functions of the dermis.”

The trick of dermato? We apply a few drops of avocado oil, borage or evening primrose over its moisturizer that will serve as a protective film.

The diet also plays on the hydration of the skin. Inadequate intake of omega 3 makes the skin dry.

The good reflex?

We put on foods rich in omega 3: fish, oilseeds and nuts, linseed oil, rapeseed oil or walnut oil…

  • Climatic factors
Why does our skin tend to be drier in winter?

Wind, cold, heat and temperature variations dry the skin, which produces less sebum.

“The composition of the epidermis is less good in winter,” says the dermatologist. This explains why many women suffer from dry skin during the cold season. The famous “crocodile skin” wreaks havoc on the legs and arms and the facial skin is rougher.

But winter is not the only cause of the drying of the skin. In the summer, the epidermis undergoes several aggressions: perspiration, sand, friction … “We tend to wash too much to feel cooler in the summer.” Moreover, the heat increases the water loss of the cells of the epidermis.

In the shower, avoid soapy soaps. Dry skin will prefer oils and creams to the shower.

>> To avoid these aggressions, do not forget to moisturize your dry skin!

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