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Eva Longoria Tight Dress To Find Her Former Lover

Eva Longoria tight dress, ultra sexy in a white dress with transparency, found herself facing her former lover … The evening was hot yesterday in Culver City:!

Eva Longoria tight dress, ultra sexy in a white transparency dress
Eva Longoria, sublime white dress with cutouts. La bomba played on transparency for this sexy appearance.

Eva Longoria was not expecting it. Washbow in Culver City last night, she came face to face with a person who has seriously affected her love life in the 2000s Fortunately, she was hot, as usual. For the occasion, she wore an asymmetrical white dress with geometric cutouts revealing golden skin by the sun of Italy and its crazy curves.

But that the bomba latina did she have fallen well?

We grant you, the suspense is too painful. This mysterious young man is none other than Jesse Metcalfe, his gardener (and lover) in the “Desperate Housewives” series. In the series, her character, former model Gabrielle Solis, boredom killing its move to Wisteria Lane, cracked chest for the beautiful high school student.

Eva Longoria was quick to share on Instagram a photo of them both, obviously delighted their reunion. “Look on that I fell today! My favorite gardener!!! “Has she written under the photo?

Look who I ran into today! My favorite gardner!!!! #DesperateHousewives #OneOfMyFavPeople

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Two actors bottomed?

Ten years after the release of the first season of the series, the actor has not changed. But we can not say that her career has evolved either. Since leaving “Desperate Housewives“, she starred in “Chase” and was casted for the continuation of “Dallas” – a failure. We saw it in the cinema area of a second film without really manage to break through.

Eva Longoria Tight Dress
“Natural Smile? I do!” The beautiful brown is none other than the gardener of “Desperate Housewives”.

As for Eva Longoria, so she started brilliantly in the production, especially for “Devious Maids” series, she never managed to find a role as important as that of Gabrielle Solis. But the best may be yet to come…

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