Fats and Cholesterol & Do You Detect Bad Fats Fats and Cholesterol & Do You Detect Bad Fats Fats and Cholesterol & Do You Detect Bad Fats

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Fats and Cholesterol & Do You Detect Bad Fats

Fats and Cholesterol & Do You Detect Bad Fats

Fats and Cholesterol & Do You Detect Bad Fats
October 24
06:17 2014

Fats and CholesterolFats and Cholesterol, How to differentiate the good cholesterol bad?

What are the best foods to reduce your cholesterol?
Conversely which ones should be restricted?
And how to avoid the pitfalls encountered in everyday life?
What is the food richest in cholesterol?


Brain, but also the offal and kidneys are the foods richest in cholesterol.
Followed by eggs and shellfish and meat. Dietary fiber promotes the removal of cholesterol.

It’s true.

  • This is why the anti-cholesterol diet emphasizes part of dietary fiber: fruits, vegetables, cereals.
  • What kind of cereal is it better to limit its focus cholesterol?
  • Whole grains.
  • They are rich in fiber which promotes the removal of cholesterol.
  • To limit the intake of cholesterol what kind of fish should I choose?
  • The focus should be the fattest fish.
  • The fattest fish are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial to health, especially the heart.

Omega-3 fatty acids are good for your health

It’s true
Omega-3 fatty acids are called essential polyunsaturated and beneficial for health.
We mainly found in certain vegetable oils and fatty fish. Conversely, saturated fatty acids are limited to butter, cream, meats, pastries, cakes, fatty meat? Margarine is as dangerous as butter.

In fact, we do not really know … There is no study on the impact of margarines in terms of mortality, Therefore the limit in any food emphasizing margarines fortified with plant sterols a molecule known to lower “bad” cholesterol. Eggs are high in cholesterol but it is only part of the egg, which one?

Cholesterol is in the yolk
In the case of cholesterol, it is better to limit shellfish.

It’s true
Shellfish are high in cholesterol. But be aware that cholesterol is only in the head.
Needless to diet anti-cholesterol if you take drugs against cholesterol.

This is false
The anti-cholesterol diet is essential. It is the first-line treatment and in most cases avoids the use of drugs If after 3 months of diet it is insufficient, they resorted to the lipid-lowering drugs, But even under medication must continue the scheme.
There is no “good cholesterol”.

This is false
There are also good cholesterol.

Good or bad cholesterol is not a question of power

Moreover, two thirds of the cholesterol in the body is produced internally. The notion of bad or good cholesterol is linked to its association with a protein that transports.

  • When it is associated with a protein that removes from the body via the liver (HDL) cholesterol is called good.
  • When it is associated with a protein that holds the body (LDL-cholesterol) is called bad cholesterol.
  • In fact, too much LDL cholesterol is bad, while many of HDL cholesterol is good.

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