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Floral Dress! How To Style The Fashion Trend + Chunky Sneakers

The floral dress is now in all its facets, from irresistible sexy to purist cool. Flower Dress + Chunky Sneakers are a hot fashion trend this summer.

Which trick you have to consider when styling, we reveal here

01. Flower Dresses In Muted Colors

Sunflower yellow on candy pink is too cute for you? Luckily, this floral print also graces dark gray and blue tones or black background this season.

For lovers of monochrome styles – and as temperatures drop below the 20-degree mark – eye-catching color combinations are not necessarily your first choice.

How nice that we now wear the flower dress nonchalantly in muted colors. To sales Boots then the floral dress looks suitable for the office and even on cool days transition with pantyhose and blazer stylish and reputable.

02. Retro Trend: The floral dress in the fifties look

Generous vintage floral prints are finally celebrating a comeback on the catwalks! The result is floral dresses that conjure up a sensual hourglass silhouette.

The hem should always be at least knee length, a flared skirt emphasizes the waist. If you want to be on the safe side of styling, choose slingbacks or strappy pumps for the retro-inspired midi dress.

The look with a leather jacket gets a modern twist, while fashionable people combine opulent jewelry. But overall: Less is more, otherwise it can look dressed up quickly.

Incidentally, the style is particularly suitable for festive occasions as an alternative to a simple cocktail dress.

03.Flower dress trend: transparency

Anyone who thinks a floral dress cannot be sexy has probably made the bill without seductive inserts made of transparent material.

Silk, tulle, lace, and organza give this season a particularly deep look, while the embroidered flowers enhance the outfit visually. Anyone who dares chooses a completely transparent party dress – but be sure to pay attention to color-coordinated underwear and restrained length.

All others are initially limited to individual games, such as transparent inserts on sleeves and neckline. Light pastel colors are less intrusive than black.

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04. The off-shoulder floral dress

Why is a flowered Bardot dress a wise investment this season? The free shoulder area makes even hot summer days bearable, the naked skin never seems too revealing.

The shoulder-free trend models are available in different lengths and colors, here can be varied depending on the occasion.

The best: The style flatters every figure. An A-line dress, for example, hides broad hips and abdomen while focusing on the décolletage, neck, and back.

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05. Maxi dresses with floral pattern

Also this summer we nestle in long maxi dresses with floral prints – whether on the beach or in the city.

Granted, a novelty is not the flowing, long summer dress in hippie style. The seventies have been part of our fashion for some seasons, and there is no end to the trend in sight.

Luckily. Because long dresses with a psychedelic floral pattern are now extremely casual, especially for rough cowboy boots. If you like it more sporty, take sneakers. Small women are most likely to combine platform shoes or wedge-heeled sandals with the flowered maxi dress to visually stretch the body.

Festival highlight: The Nineties flower dress

The festival season is open! And fittingly we let the Nineties revive.

Checklist: A flowery mini dress, tinted sunglasses, Doc Martens or sneakers.

Fancy fabrics – eg velvet or jeans – give the look real grunge vibes. As far as accessories and styling are concerned, there are no limits to creativity.


06.Flower dress trend: asymmetry

Asymmetry is a popular way to bring brave designs into trouble. So also the flower dress.

Unevenly sloping skirt seams, one-shoulder cuts, and cut-outs, draped ruffles or geometric back cuttings give the flowered dress the wow factor. The best way to work the elaborate cuts in rich colors.

Tip for all layering fans: Asymmetrical floral dresses with high leg cut look particularly cool on jeans.

07. The flower dress with statement sleeves

Voluminous sleeves in unusual shapes are the street style highlight of the season.

And the trend also does not stop at the classic floral dress: sweeping puffed sleeves, draped flounces or trumpet sleeves are real eye-catchers. However, the rest of the outfit should be styled more calmly.

08. Romantic floral dresses in pastel colors

You’re missing a bit of romance? No problem, for spring feelings now provide clothes in subtle pastel colors.

So the summer dress with floral pattern works high-quality and festive, especially in flowing fabrics. If cool baby blue, mint green or rose is too pale, add color accents to the accessories – such as red shoes to a pink flower dress or the ice blue bag to a light yellow dress.

09. The flower dress with flounces

Flounces adorn all seams, collars, sleeves, and skirts this season. And also provide the floral summer dress with a playful lightness.

The rule is: flounces are summerly airy, but let the silhouette seem voluminous. So you should opt for a floral dress with flounce trim on body parts that are rather slim.

For example, those who have a large bust should prefer a dress with a tiered skirt instead of flounces at the neckline. Incidentally, the romantic ruffled dresses can also be edgy styled: with an XL bomber jacket and cowboy boots, for example.

10. Wrap dresses with flower print

A flower dress with a wrapped front is particularly advantageous and stands every figure.

The cut plays around female curves and sets them perfectly in the scene. Through the belt, the focus is on the waist, with a low neckline it flatters the bust size. Tip: Models with flared sleeves can also mask problem areas on the upper arms while focusing on the décolletage.

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11. What suits the flower dress?

For all flower dresses: The shoes determine the look. Another reason to quickly get a flowered dress – because the versatility makes it a real all-rounder.

One and the same dress can be casually styled to your favorite sneakers during the day and finely executed in the evening with high heels.

Skilled style breaks with coarse boots give even a floral satin dress a casual everyday look. In the office, medium-high shoes with block or stiletto heels counterbalance the flower print.

If you want to combine flower dresses with other patterns you should generally be economical, otherwise, the outfit will quickly become overloaded. The floral dress fits straightforward prints, such as black and white Vichy plaid or stripes. Flower on a flower? Does not work. If you are keen to experiment, you can also try on color combinations and material mix.

12. Combine flower dress rocking

In principle, every flower dress can be combined in a mocking way. Take heavy boots, fishnet tights, festival ribbons, and vintage leather jacket – and even your favorite floral wrap dress will be a rocking eye-catcher.

13. Floral dress elegant combine

Dark, rich tones, metallic details, sensual cuts, and high-quality fabrics make the flower dress suitable for the evening. And about that? The favorite high heels. Not more.

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14. Combine floral dress summerly

Urlaubsreif? As the temperature increases, so does the mood. Matching: Colorful floral dresses with boho chic, espadrilles or leather slippers, straw hat and sunglasses.

15. Which flower dress is mine?

Flower dresses are only small, petite women? Wrong thought. The trend dress can do more. The countless styling options and cuts have something for every style and figure.

16. Styling tips for little women

Above all, small women should be careful to choose the right length. Especially maxi dresses can compress quickly. More advantageous are short models or a floral midi dress. Free ankles, especially in combination with a tight waist, stretch the legs, while a high heel cheats a few extra inches.

The best choice here is pointed high heels or so-called V-neck pumps – the triangular, pointed shape makes the leg look even longer. Those who fear to look too girlish in their cute floral dress choose a dark or asymmetrical design.

17. Floral dresses for tall women

The maxi dress is – surprise – just for tall women a very good choice. A long dress with high leg cut sets a seductive accent on endless legs, floor-length and flowing models can hide strong legs wonderfully. If you want to do without high-heeled shoes, you can use flats, sneakers or boots.

You prefer it short? To avoid unpleasant fashion faux pas (keyword “summer gust”), the mini-length flower dress should not be too tight.

18. Styling tips for perfect curves

Very important: Without the right Attitude works anyway no look. But with the right flower dress, every type of figure can emphasize its advantages optimally. For example, you love your arms, but would you like to hide some belly and hip? A flower dress with voluminous club sleeves would have exactly the opposite effect.

Better: Choose an off-the-shoulder dress with A-line and a waist belt. By the way, waisted flower dresses in A-line stand every character and conjure from androgynous to curvy beautiful hourglass curves. Not a fan of clothes? A floral jumpsuit is a perfect alternative to the floral dress.

we are in the fashion dilemma! Two of our spring favorites are absolutely incompatible: the flower dress and the Chunky sneakers . Or is it? While the daring combination is one of the hottest fashion trends (and looks great on influencer instagram imagery as well), in practice styling is more difficult than expected.

19. Floral dress with chunky sneakers – that’s how the fashion trend is styled

After many unsuccessful attempts to wear the colorful Chunky sneakers to the flashy flower dress, we took the cool influencer looks with the fashion trend under the microscope and found out: There is a very simple trick. And our grandma has already betrayed us!

Sneakers and dresses must have a color in common, a color that is picked up in both pieces. A fashion rule that everyone knows, but which is often ignored and sometimes even reversed in today’s fashion world. Who wants to look styled?

French nonchalance based on the motto “I just put on some clothes” is currently the non-plus ultra in fashion. But not in the flower dress + Chunky sneakers combo. The parts are in themselves so contradictory that they need a connecting element – the color.

This is how the influencers style the fashion trend floral dress + chunky sneakers

The simplest variant: Long floral dress to All-White Chunkys. Rebecca Laurey demonstrates:

Charlotte Groeneveld aka @thefashionguitar also chooses the simple station wagon. Because then even a thick down jacket in a different color to be worn – so it’s not boring

From a girlish point of view: Annabel Rosendahl combines her romantic floral dress with black chunky sneakers to add a decent dose of coolness to the look

Leonie Hanne shows that the styling trick does not create a boring tone-in-tone outfit. The white of her sneakers is not in the red dress, but represented in the handbag. Works too!

Especially with short floral dresses you do not have to pay attention to the color tones, because dress and sneakers have enough distance.

Viktoria Dahlberg proves that the look does not lose its femininity – despite sporty chunkies:


20. Physical women’s

So many ways that can be done by women to make themselves look so perfect. Mix and matching clothing is one of the important things that must be done by every woman.

Because anything as beautiful as the women’s physical she can seem so ‘less’ when not able to fuse fashion wears.

Shown Enchanting Floral Dress

There are several models available for women’s fashion one of the ways that you can try this time is by wearing a floral patterned fashion element to two characteristics formal or casual.

So you can look stunning with a floral pattern this see the following reviews as summarized from Cosmopolitan.

The Floral Dress With Floral Blazer

The Floral blazer

You can style up by wearing a floral blazer. Try to extinguished with floral patterned overalls anyway but still in a matching color. Add accessories such as bedplate natural brown or white.

For semi formal or casual style you can matching floral patterned blazer with a T-shirt and skinny jeans bedplate gray. As for the piece blazer right is a clean cut tailored structural, and waist.

The Floral Pants

The Floral pants

Vibrant floral pants can match with matching patterned tops. Choose tops blouse and lightweight materials such as silk for a more elegant look.

For the casual style, vibrantly patterned pants can also be paired with denim tops biomaterial shirt or T-shirt, If you want a matching shirt to choose a shirt without a motif of the same color with the pants.

The Floral Top

The Foral top

Tops floral patterned dress styles it can make you look more fashionable in an instant. If you want maximum style, matching tops with mini skirt striped.

A line or pencil skirt floral patterned anyway. Match with jeans or shorts for a casual look straight cut. Select materials from cotton floral tops or short sleeves cut to display your stay relaxed.

The Floral Skirt

The Floral Skirt

You are like a skirt with a colorful floral motif try and choose a piece of clean pencil. Matching with bedplate matching blazer or blouse if you want more leverage again, matching with biomaterial lace tops.

To attend a casual event, you can with a matching T-shirt or top sleeveless. Choose neutral colors bedplate bosses like black and white or color matching with your skirt.

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