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Gel Nails With Glitter Shapes – Techniques & Beautiful Ideas With Instructions

Gel Nails With Glitter Shapes – Techniques & Beautiful Ideas With Instructions

Gel Nails With Glitter Shapes – Techniques & Beautiful Ideas With Instructions
July 24
14:35 2017

Nowadays, gel nails are indispensable. And when it comes to the Nail design, this also applies to the glitter, but it makes for attractive effects on the fingers. Nevertheless, care must be taken not to exaggerate.

In everyday life, too much of it can sometimes look tasteless. If you have decided to try out gel nails with glitter as a nail art, our tips on the topic could help you. Try it out and create an individual fingering design that will all be envious.

Gel Nail With Glitter – 2 Techniques

The special thing about the glitter is that it is offered in so many different colors. But not only that. Also, the different variants differ in how fine they are. Thus it is possible to work with particularly fine glitter as well as with coarser. Here, a small accent can be designed on each or a particular nail or the entire nail surface. How exactly you use the glitter with the gel, you will learn in the following.

Purple Blue Gel Nail Art Design For Ladies

Gel Mixture For Glitter

For a beautiful fingernail design, you have the possibility to mix the glitter directly with the gel you will use for sealing or building. You can, of course, determine the quantity yourself, depending on the effect you want to achieve. You can also combine different colors for the gel nails with glitter, which is especially advantageous if you have not found the desired combination in the trade. Use the mixed gel as usual. This technique is particularly advantageous when you want to create the entire nail bed with a glitter effect.

Gel Nails With Glitter Nude-Glitter-Autumn-Color-Copper

Glitter Into The Modeling

You can also set accents by using a different technique. In fact, you will first design the background in any color. After drying, use the gel and brush or nail yolk to apply the selected patterns. After that, each designed nail is sprinkled with glitter or the finger is dipped into the glitter. This is then automatically adhered to the gel and can be cured as usual after the excess has been tapped. Moreover, the glitter can also be spotted or scattered with the aid of a brush on the gel.

Gel Nails Glittering Ideas for Beginner

Pretty Motifs For Glitter Gel Nails With Stencils

If you are not able to make patterns freely, you can also use templates. These are glued to the nail and then filled with the gel mixture. Using templates makes it particularly easy to work with. Certain areas of the nails can also be easily glued with adhesive tape. This creates beautiful patterns quickly and easily.

Gel Nails Glittering Inspiration Gross Glitter Design

Ideas And Instructions For Gel Nails With Glitter

Now that you have met two interesting techniques for the gel nails with glitter, you also surely want to try them out. To this end, we would like to introduce you to some great design ideas, which we have also briefly explained. Have fun designing and, of course, the demonstration of your pretty and especially homemade nail design.

Gel Nails Glittering UV Pattern Motive Flowers Blue Ideas

Rainbow Glitter

Even if this idea looks very complex at first sight, the gel nails with glitter are made quickly and simply. The second technique is used. And while you are still wet, start with the brush and apply the different glitter colors. Prepare the colors already in advance. One color always takes one-half of the nail, the next one the other half. Be sure to create a smooth transition between the notes to get a nice rainbow effect. Finally, seal the design.

Gel Nails Glittering Colored Manual Rainbow Short Nails

Rainbow With Diagonal Design

This rainbow design is also very attractive. You do not need an adhesive strip for cutting, because the slightly mixed glitter creates a nice even transition here again. It is best to first apply a layer of gel that will cure you under the lamp. Then use a second layer of transparent gel on which you distribute the glitter.Gel Nails Glittering Rainbow Diagonal Manual Myself Making Colorful

Take a fan brush for this. With it you take a little of the first glitter color (in this case the gel nails are finished with glitter in pink and started with red) and dab this carefully on the lowest corner of the nail.


Then tap the red glitter and pick up the next color. The pattern will cure under the lamp. Brush the excess glitter with a brush, apply clear gel and seal under the lamp. The whole thing then repeat with all the other fingers. Instead of the diagonal design you can also use a different pattern for the gel nails with glitter. Horizontal stripes look just as pretty.

French Nails With Glitter Design

The popular nails with French manicure can also be spiked with a little glitter. The variants are numerous. Either you create a colored French design, which you extend with the help of a little glitter down. Then apply a new transparent layer for the glitter effect after the colored gel and spread the glitter elements. Also the gel gels with French design can only be designed with glitter.

Gel Nails Glittering French Brown To Dark Red Ombre

For this, harden the base, whereupon you apply a new layer of gel again. Start with a larger glitter quantity for the nail tips and leave the glitter down to become less. Whether you’re doing just half the nail or the whole you decide for yourself. This way, a nice alternative to the classic French manicure with gel nails with glitter.

Patterns and motifs

Of course, many different patterns and motifs can also be designed with glitter on gel gels. Such a marble effect is obtained, for example, by using water and nail polish. Apply a transparent base again, then a second layer with the selected glitter and also harden this layer. Then dripping nail polish in water so that circles are formed.

In this case, transparent nail polish should also be present, so that the glitter can be seen later. With a toothpick, you can now design any pattern. Glue your finger with tape and dip it into the water. The pattern is transferred to the nail. Allow the varnish to dry and apply a final layer of transparent gel for fixing.

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