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Make Sustainable Packaging For Christmas Presents Yourself – 15 Environmentally Friendly Ideas

Make Sustainable Packaging For Christmas Presents Yourself – 15 Environmentally Friendly Ideas

Make Sustainable Packaging For Christmas Presents Yourself – 15 Environmentally Friendly Ideas
November 22
23:39 2017

Sustainable gift packaging for Christmas in environmentally friendly packaging ideas.

Is there anything better than unpacking presents? Young and old are looking forward to opening their presents and at some point, the beautiful packaging is taken for granted. However, you do not have to overdo it because it does not look atmospheric at all when you see the number of papers and boxes around the waste paper container after Christmas.

Christmas Gift Packaging Ideas

So everyone may ask a question: Does it really always have to be wrapping paper? There are already a lot of original ideas on how to design sustainable packaging for Christmas.

Make wrapping paper for the Christmas presents yourself.

Actually, it is not necessary at all to buy colorful wrapping paper. Because every bald paper can be designed moodily and above all individually. Whether blank white or brown kraft paper, every conventional one becomes a true work of art when festooned with crayons, stickers, stamps, ribbons or glitter.

Sustainable packaging Christmas

Sustainable packaging made from recycled or recyclable paper: kraft paper or magazine, newspaper or book pages.

For the sustainable packaging of Christmas gifts, you can even use waste paper. So no paper waste, but many unread newspapers or weeklies end up in the bucket. Instead of disposing of old magazines, newspapers, even books, their pages can be used as gift wrapping. Old maps, city maps, comics, sheet music and others are perfect as an original and above all sustainable packaging.

Sustainable wrapping Christmas gift newsprint

Sustainable packaging for Christmas gifts – wooden box.

Sustainable packaging can also be a box that the gifted person can continue to use. Whether a cookie jar, wooden box or a cardboard box does not matter if it is beautiful and stable. Even one that is at home and well preserved can be designed and personalized without much effort Christmas.

sustainable packaging Christmas gift wooden box

Use the gift as a sustainable packaging.

A beautiful gift can be packaged effectively in another, especially if it is made of fabric. If you want to give away a scarf, a towel, a T-shirt, a shirt or a blouse, you can make a sustainable package by wrapping small surprises in it. Sweets, a nice Christmas card and maybe small packaged cosmetics are wonderful and will not complain about the budget.

Fabric Cloth Tie Instruction Christmas Gift Packaging

Sustainable packaging from old clothes.

As a sustainable packaging for Christmas gifts, kitchen towels or scarves in pretty colors can be wonderfully used. In addition, you can use one or another old garment, if it is well preserved. It is best to wear old clothes with Christmas motifs and patterns, alternatively in red or knitwear.

Sustainable packaging Christmas gift fabric old clothes

Sustainable packaging for small Christmas gifts: metal tin.

For small Christmas gifts, you should come up with something really creative. A nice idea is to make a coffee or metal tin with a lid as a beautiful sustainable packaging. You just have to decorate the tin from the outside pretty, individually and finished. In the example, a bit of paper is imaginatively used and made even a cute etiquette.

Sustainable packaging Christmas gift metal can

Small Christmas present in the glass.

Lovingly selected small gifts should also be so carefully and individually pack so that the gifted person can really feel that often less is more. As a nice touch for a friend or colleague or as a small souvenir for the child of acquaintances sees several small things in a beautiful glass with a lid just wonderful.

For this, you have to choose a new, beautiful mason jar, which is big enough to accommodate all the little gifts. For a perfect finish, attach a Christmas card or etiquette with a beautiful decorative ribbon.

Sustainable packaging Christmas gift glass

Christmas present in clay pot for passionate gardener.

Do you have a friend who is a passionate gardener? Here we have the perfect gift box for personalities who like to grow plants. If you have found the perfect gift for someone who likes to be surrounded by green, there is no better and at the same time sustainable packaging than a flower pot.

Depending on the size of the gift you choose a beautiful flower pot or several small ones and for a perfect finish, you tie with a bow. A nice gift idea for hobby gardeners is to put together a whole set. It should contain seeds and/or tubers of specific plant species, suitable substrate and maybe fertilizer.

Sustainable packaging Christmas gift clay pots gardeners

A creative and sustainable packaging of a Christmas gift in a clay pot.

Even if the friend is not really an enthusiast for flower culture, a beautiful ceramic flowerpot offers many uses. For example, you can keep your pens neatly at your desk or make-up brushes. In addition, you can fill the flower pot instead of seeds and tubers, cosmetics in small packages, vouchers or discount cards to give indoors. Finally, tie a nice bow and make sure that the filling does not leak.

Sustainable packaging Christmas gift clay pot fill

Christmas gift in mug or in a cup.

As a nice touch for colleagues or simply as a “thank you” you can prepare small edible gifts and wrap them in cups sustainably. If you are not really talented in baking cookies, then you can put together only the necessary products and the recipe in a pretty cup. It is advisable to package the contents of the ingredients individually in bags or transparent foil so that they are still edible after a few days.

Sustainable packaging Christmas gift mug

Original sustainable packaging for Christmas gifts: bowl, wooden box, metal or wicker basket.

For larger gifts that would not fit in a cup, you can, of course, use a larger container. For this dish, bowls, and plates that you should choose the right size. Made of ceramic, glass or metal, it does not matter if the container is practical and beautiful. Nevertheless, it certainly looks Christmas, if you choose a red bowl or bowl with Christmas motives.

Sustainable packaging Christmas gift container ceramic bowl

Christmas gift wooden box.

Another idea for sustainable packaging, which can also be used after the Christmas season, is to arrange the lovingly selected gifts or the Christmas present in a box or a basket. For this, you first look for a beautiful wooden box, a wicker or metal basket. A stylish bike basket is perfect for this idea or you take a simple wooden box and decorate it with glaze or paint.

Christmas gift wooden box

Christmas gift basket metal.

Before assembling the items in the box or basket, you should lay out the floor with some paper, tinsel or something else that protects the contents reasonably. In addition, the objects that are given away can be individually wrapped and decorated with ribbons. In addition, you can add a few Christmas balls and candy canes, which round off the sustainable packaging perfectly.

Basket Metal Christmas Gift Packaging

Christmas gift wicker basket.

The idea of presenting a Christmas present in a basket or a box is not only a sustainable packaging but also very practical because this way, every gift can be easily and easily transported.

Wicker Basket Christmas Gift Packaging

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