Hair Ribbon Braids Hairstyle To Create In 6 Steps Hair Ribbon Braids Hairstyle To Create In 6 Steps Hair Ribbon Braids Hairstyle To Create In 6 Steps

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Hair Ribbon Braids Hairstyle To Create In 6 Steps

Hair Ribbon Braids Hairstyle To Create In 6 Steps

Hair Ribbon Braids Hairstyle To Create In 6 Steps
June 16
02:13 2015

Hair ribbon braids hairstyle in simple beauty look, you will not need any accessories that are still outstanding and attractive.

Step By Step Hair Ribbon Braids Hairstyle Without any accessories

Hair Ribbon Braids Hairstyle

Braided hairstyles can replace bow hair accessories, help your face glow and radiance.

ladies favorite Long hair was braided hairstyles, not only the beautiful showbiz people often use this romantic hairstyle; many girls also run the simple hair ribbon braids hairstyle movement and feminine.

Hair Ribbon Braids Hairstyle-

Hair braids are the sweet bow to one side of the head than intended.

A festival-style roof to help pretty face lit up, creating confidence with this type of roof bow braid below, you do not need any hair accessories that can still outstanding and charming.

Hair Ribbon Braids Hairstyle-0

The remaining hair is often straight to smoothly assist in highlighting roof plaited ribbon accents.

6 Steps To Create Pretty Hair Ribbon Braids Hairstyle

Step 1:

The first step, you split the hair on one side first then perform a hair braid from the roof, creating French braid pigtails. During implementation, remember to leave half bangs. The hair will be used to create the type bow gracefully.
Hair Ribbon Braids Hairstyle-01

Step 2:

Take a small piece of half round roof and folded her fingers around just enough to make a circle. Use a toothpick to keep the hair clip round the bend.

Hair Ribbon Braids Hairstyle-02

Step 3:

Use a toothpick stuck holding the hair is clamped circular fold in step 2 & the left-hand bend keep hair smooth slightly sticky.

Step 4:

Branching hair ring is cleverly interwoven with plaited hair made in step 1. Her left hand gently just enough to keep the hair evenly branched gentle bow shape naturally.

Hair Ribbon Braids Hairstyle-03

Step 5:

Gently grip bathroom grab hair from the branch has done, by the hair with one arm from half bangs. Gently pull the hair clip until you feel your style has the 2nd round.

Step 6:

Repeat steps 2-5 until the end of the braided hair to create arcs the tops.

Hair Ribbon Braids Hairstyle-04

With just finished hair style, you can combine the remaining hair to straight or smoothly neatly knotted.

Depending on the length of your hair, you can make the curve until the last round or only make a small part in the roof. When done, the ring should be relaxed hair, gently skillful manipulation to help you get the most natural style. With plaited roof bow, you can choose hairstyle goes well gentle or you can choose to compact the remaining hair tied back of the neck and a shoulder for them.

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