Tricks For Healthy Eating - So You Can Eat Healthy On Vacation Tricks For Healthy Eating - So You Can Eat Healthy On Vacation Tricks For Healthy Eating - So You Can Eat Healthy On Vacation

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Tricks For Healthy Eating – So You Can Eat Healthy On Vacation

Tricks For Healthy Eating – So You Can Eat Healthy On Vacation

Tricks For Healthy Eating – So You Can Eat Healthy On Vacation
February 17
01:14 2018

Summer is the best time for millions of people worldwide to undertake longer holiday trips and get to know new, unknown places, explore distant landscapes and completely eliminate everyday stress. We also assume that the good holiday is not only a lot of suns, fresh air, wide beaches and high mountains, but also delicious meals are part of the day program.

Crispy wontons in Hong Kong, creamy Gouda in Amsterdam and a shovel (or two) of Stracciatella-Gelato in Portofino? You could enjoy all that on vacation, right? Yes, but for a week to enjoy the heart would also turn the most ambitious tourist into a lazy and uninterested visitor. Is it possible, The Epicurean hot-hunger and still remain in good shape and full of energy?

Nutritionists say quite definitely: Yes! This is quite possible if you maintain your healthy eating habits and enjoy eating and drinking on holiday in reasonable measure.

Also on vacation healthy eating, is very important

We have prepared 5 valuable tips for the healthy eating also for the holidays. These are not at all complicated, but super easy to follow. Who keeps our advice in mind, will definitely spend a great, adventurous and unforgettable holiday.

The holiday begins at the airport, where healthy food is announced!

Many holidaymakers succumb to the temptation to give a kick-start of their holiday trip and buy something “stronger” when they arrive at the airport. A healthy meal or snack before the flight? Yes, why not, because the food on board will find many passengers tasteless. Our advice is: in such situations, it would be better to eat something fresh, for example, products that contain protein and fiber such as hummus, fresh vegetables, low-fat cheese and a handful of almonds.

However, if you are the type who tends to come to the airport at the last minute, it is also possible to find healthy eating possibilities after boarding. Greek yogurt and fruit or a protein-rich sandwich with turkey and whole-grain bread are recommended.

Get healthy food to the airport!

Travel Trends And Holiday Fruit And Vegetable Food

In the worst case, if you feel hungry before the flight, you can order a fresh salad in one of the airport restaurants, as well as grilled chicken and dressing. The most important and very healthy tip during each flight is very short: Drink plenty of water. At a height of 10000 m, there is a danger that you feel dehydrated. Therefore, drink plenty of water, apple or orange juice to combat jet lag and fatigue during landing.

It Is Extremely Significant That You Drink Enough Water!

Healthy Eating Enough Water Drink during The Holiday

Enjoy A Delicious Meal In The Restaurant Nearby.

Healthy Food During The Holidays A Suitable Restaurant Near The Airport

Healthy Food Is Not Offered In The Hotel Bar

In the hotel bar, you can spend many pleasant hours among friends and other tourists, but there is no healthy food in the purest sense of the word. The snacks contain a lot of salt, the cakes and other treats too much sugar. Our tip is: go to a local farmers market to choose something fresh to your taste. It is also a fun way to get to know the new environment. Grab fresh fruit and small treats and snacks for a while and you will feel full and relentless even between the individual excursions on the spot.

A beautiful lunch on the beach organize

Eat Healthy On Vacation What To Eat Tips

Important Rule For Healthy Eating: Do Not Skip The Breakfast!

Also on holiday, the breakfast is the most important meal! Start each day with a large breakfast and you will feel happy and relaxed. Most hotels have breakfast buffets. Our tip is: skip the sweet pastry and bacon in the morning and choose a filling protein omelet, whole-grain toast and tasty berries, rich in antioxidants. So you can fill up a lot of energy for the day, which can be full of sightseeing or sporting activities. So you feel really comfortable on holiday!

In The Hotel Rooms Plenty Of Breakfast

Trends Holiday In Dubrovnik Do Not Miss The Breakfast

Design your meals according to your holiday destination

Search for a bit before your holiday trip and look for the best dishes in the country you want to visit. Are you traveling to Paris? Treat yourself to a freshly baked baguette next to the Eifelturm to eat. Do not miss the bread in Tokyo, but definitely enjoy the sushi! Order pasta in Capri and a fish fillet in Greece.

Traveling is always a great experience, which remains a long time in the memory. You do not want to drop your beautiful holiday into the water by wrong food, right? Treat yourself to a calorie-rich lunch if you plan to spend the afternoon actively. At dinner then change to a light menu, with little proteins and lots of vegetables. You will not feel full in the evening and have an important bonus point:

Do you like Sushi?

Trends Travel And Holiday Sushi In Tokio Food

A classic rule for healthy eating: Pamper yourself, but only moderately!

You are on vacation, which means you can now also treat yourself to a dessert. Remember to enjoy it slowly. And do not forget the hidden calories in alcohol. Do not give up on sweet drinks that contain lots of sugar. Stick to simple cocktails, for example, a drink with plenty of ice or a glass of wine.

We wish you a nice holiday and do not forget these 5 important tips for healthy food even during holidays!

Trends Healthy Eating Also On The Holidays Tips For Tourists Healthy Food On Holiday The Breakfast Is Important Trends Holiday In Dubrovnik Do Not Miss The Breakfast Trends Holiday In Dubrovnik Do Not Miss The Breakfast Healthy Eating Tips For Tourists In Capri

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