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How to Apply Blush For a Glowing Face

How to Apply Blush For a Glowing Face

The natural blush on the female cheeks always looked aesthetically and beautifully, giving the face freshness, restoring youth and a healthy glow.

The beauties of all time were looking for all kinds of ways to make the skin of the cheeks pinker. They rubbed their skin with beetroot and hot pepper, plucked and clapped it. Now, giving your skin blush is much easier, just use a compact and convenient tool – blush. The content of the article:

  • Blush: a variety of species
  • Choose color
  • How to apply blush
  • How to arrange cheekbones

Selecting them is easy enough. But far from all of its users know how to properly use this cosmetic product on their faces. How to apply blush on the skin to maintain naturalness and not harm the skin? This is what our article will be devoted to! 

Dry pressed

This is the most practical and most used type of blush, which is highly appreciated by beauties from around the world for its convenience and ease of application. This texture is universal and perfect for any type of skin. 


This texture, like the previous one, will be an excellent option for owners of any skin type, however, most of all, such a product will appeal to beauties whose dermis is prone to greasy. The fact is that most representatives of this type of blush have a matting effect, but you can also find a friable product, which includes flickering particles.


At first glance, it may seem that they are no different from pressed ones, however, there are still differences. Baked blush can be recognized by the characteristic iridescent veins that appear during the heat treatment. As you may have guessed, this name blush received not by chance. 

Initially, they have a liquid texture, but it becomes solid in the process of baking the product at high temperatures. The peculiarity of this cosmetic product is that it can be used both in dry and in cream form. Like pressed blush? Brush a couple of strokes over the surface of the product. Compared to other options, this product has a lot less talc in its composition.

Would you like to use a creamy texture? Add a few drops of water to the jar and wait 1-2 minutes. Such “liquid” blush will allow you to achieve maximum naturalness due to its translucency. So, emphasizing the cheekbones, you will not make the image heavier, you will not make it vulgar, but create a natural and healthy complexion.


Such blush will be an excellent solution for women suffering from excessive dry skin. The creamy texture, containing leaving oils and nutrients, moisturizes the skin, filling it with healthy beauty and giving elasticity. 

Cream blush is perfect for aging skin, as well as for any type of dermis in cold and windy seasons. They can also be applied to the lips to give a “pink” and a fresh look.

In sticks

A great tool not only to give a “pink” to the cheeks but also to make face sculpting as natural as possible. With this easy-to-use cream product, you can quickly and easily emphasize the dignity of your appearance, even if you had no prior experience using cosmetics.

Mousse Mousse

blush has the airiest texture, thanks to which the image becomes as natural, light and delicate as possible. Such a cosmetic product, for sure, will appeal to all lovers of natural beauty.


Perhaps for some women, this word will seem completely unfamiliar. The thing is that this type of blush appeared on store shelves relatively recently, and not all beauties managed to notice it and evaluate the benefits. The packaging of such a product looks like an ordinary pressed powder. 

Inside it is around tissue swab having a special pigmented impregnation. Initially, this format was intended only for the production of tinting agents, however, the device turned out to be so convenient that now you can notice blush, highlighters, and bronzers in the form of a cushion in any cosmetic assortment line.


In most cases, tints do not include oils, which makes them more versatile and easy to use for combination and oily skin. Such blush is often chosen for work by professional makeup artists or girls with experience in applying makeup. 

They are durable, do not oxidize, and do not lose color throughout the day, however, the fixation of the composition during application occurs almost instantly, which causes some difficulties during its shading. Indeed, you need to shade the tint on the skin with very quick and clear movements.

The main thing is not to overdo it in applying the product, otherwise you risk turning your “natural blush” into bright spots, noticeable even from afar. Tint is also great for creating original eye or lip makeup.

Have you decided on the right option? Fine! Then it’s time to find out how to properly apply blush on the face.

Choose color

Each girl is delighted when she hears a compliment: “I like the shade of your lipstick”, but it’s not very pleasant to hear such a statement against blush, because the color of this product should remain completely invisible on the face and not disturb it integrity. That is why, the purchase of this product must be approached meaningfully: you should not give preference to the product just because it has an attractive package. First of all, the composition and shade of blush should be suitable for the color and physical characteristics of your skin. The advice of experienced makeup artists will help you make the right choice:

  1. For “white” skin the best choice would be blush of light beige and peach shades. Many owners of the “aristocratic tan” will also like the shade of “dusted roses”, it will make the blush as invisible on the face as possible.
  2. If you have a warm color type, we recommend that you turn your attention to pink-peach or amber blush.
  3. Owners of cold skin tones will certainly appreciate the blush of plum, as well as burgundy and red shades.
  4. A dark or tanned skin will be elegantly decorated with light pink, orange and “golden” blush.

How to apply blush

Some girls think that applying blush is the hardest part of makeup, and there are reasons for it. Any girl can make up eyelashes, lips or mask imperfections with the help of a tonal foundation, but to apply blush correctly is a whole skill! In order not to accidentally spoil your appearance, use the advice of professionals and choose the type of application of this cosmetic product, taking into account the individual characteristics of your appearance:

Elongated face shape

Pay special attention to the development of the upper line of the cheekbones, where the color of the blush should be the most intense, losing its saturation to the temples. That is, it is in this direction that the blush should be well shaded.

  1. Apply a small amount of product to the most prominent parts of the cheekbones, and then brush the pigment, finishing the action only at the earlobe.
  2. Dip the brush into the product again and swipe through the temples with light movements.
  3. Make sure that all borders are carefully shaded.

Round face shape
Often, girls with this shape want to narrow their faces as much as possible and hide their cheeks.

  1. Visually make the face narrower will help highlight the “apples” of the cheeks. Put a little blush on this place and thoroughly blend along the cheekbone.
  2. It is quite easy to determine the desired application area, just smile. The protruding part of the cheek will be the right option.

Square face shape

  1. Geometric facial features will help smooth the application of the product on the “apples” of the cheeks.
  2. Blend the pigment by brushing in a circle. This will help you smooth out the straight lines of the face and give it more delicate features.

Triangular face

  1. Type a little pigment on the brush and lightly brush over the upper part of the cheek, taking the shade away to the temples. This will help you highlight the central part of the face and focus on it.
  2. You can also use the illuminator to make the cheekbones more distinct. Apply quite a bit of this tool just above the shaded blush.

How to arrange cheekbones

Now that you know all the secrets of easy contouring, let’s take a closer look at the process of applying blush to the skin.

  1. Spread the foundation all over your face, blend it thoroughly and wait a few seconds for the product to absorb a little. If you plan to use dry blush – be sure to powder your face before moving on to the next step.
  2. Pull your lips so that small cavities appear in your cheeks. The tool must be applied to the area above these very hollows.
  3. Blend the pigment thoroughly along the entire application area.
  4. Next, proceed according to the above scheme, using lighter shades of blush.
  5. Add a little illuminator to the cheekbones to complete the look.

So, now you know how to emphasize the geometry of your face and choose the right tool for this. Practice a few times before adding this accent to your everyday makeup, and more!

Every makeup includes the matching rouge. A touch of color on the cheeks makes the face immediately fresher and more youthful and your facial contours are accentuated.

Powder Blush

Apply powder blush always with a big brush like the Blusher Brush premium quality on. To do this, dab the brush into the paint, tap off any excess pigments on the back of the hand.

Apply the brush to the cheekbone

Apply the brush to the cheekbone, apply the rouge from the inside out and let the rouge soften towards the hairline. The line between the corner of the mouth and the eye, otherwise, the face will look too wide.

Professional tip: Bright tones give you freshness, dark tones contour. The Blusher Brush premium quality distributes the rouge extremely fine.

silky texture of Cream Rouge for Cheeks & Lips

Cream Rouge

The silky texture of Cream Rouge for Cheeks & Lips is easy to apply with your fingers. The color immediately gives the complexion more freshness.

Pro tip: In many different colors, the Cream Rouge for Cheeks & Lips ensures freshness on the cheeks and lips.

Cream Rouge for Cheeks & Lips
Oval Face Rouge

Oval Face Rouge

In order to bring out an elongated, oval face, the rouge is applied almost horizontally just below the cheekbones. So the face looks visually shorter and looks very fresh.

Angular Face Rouge

Angular Face Rouge

If you have a square, angular face, put the blusher under the cheekbones and let it run gently backwards. This makes your angular faces softer.

Round Or Heart-Shaped FaceBlush

Round Or Heart-Shaped FaceBlush

Apply the blush diagonally to the temples directly on the cheekbones. This optimizes round and heart-shaped faces. If you have a heart-shaped face you can optionally put some rouge on the chin.

How to apply blush: very easy – with a makeup tutorial

Apply Rouge correctly: Our secret tricks for a fresh complexion

If that does not work, the magic agent Rouge helps.

Fresh and relaxed look in ten seconds?

Apply rouge and the miracle is done.

Rouge can more: A round face appears less full with rouge in the right spot, a pronounced chin less edgy. We’ll show you how to properly apply rouge and explain which route is best for you.

Rouge: That’s how you find the right tone

The hard blues bar was a hit in the ’80s – today it’s only accepted on the catwalk or at Denver Clan revival parties. Ideally, Rouge looks like cheek red after a yoga workout. The right color is the basis for this natural freshness.

Rouget types: from creamy to powdery

Who wants to bring color on her cheeks, has the agony of choice: There are a variety of rouge types and shapes.

> Powder rouge: Whether loose or pressed – Powder Rouge is versatile and adheres well. It is applied to the powdered skin or foundation with a special rouge brush. The ideal rouge for oily skin.

> Cream rouge: In the jar a compact cream, this rouge melts on contact with the skin. It is applied with the fingers and worked in a circular motion – after the powder! Its high-fat content makes it ideal for dry skin.

> Blusher sticks: Rouge in pen form is actually only a firmer cream rouge. It can be applied directly to the skin and then rubbed with your fingers. Always work from the inside to the outside and from the front to the temples.

> Liquid rouge: The packaging is often reminiscent of nail polish, and like the liquid rouge is applied with a brush. Many products are water and kiss-proof and last a long time. Attention beginner: Since this rouge moves in very fast, it has to go fast when applying!

 Apply Rouge correctly: round face shape

Apply Rouge: round face shape

Make-up artists swear by it: skillfully applied, Rouge models the face and makes small problem areas disappear.

Important: Rouge used for contouring should be dull and more brownish than red. Also tanning powder without glitter particles is well suited for this.

The problem:

A round face is often too flat because clear contours are missing.

The solution:

Apply the powder brush or the finger with Rouge at ear level and apply to the corner of the mouth. Important: The line should be slightly below the cheekbones. Good down and up blind. Then add a touch of powder to the narrowest part of the temples. The light-dark contrast at eye level further structures the face.

Apply Rouge correctly: angular face shape

Apply rouge: angular face shape

Women with angular faces often find their features too prominent and masculine. With a little rouge in the right place, they look more feminine and softer.

The problem:

With a square face, the cheeks are too pronounced and the distinctive chin is unfavorably in focus.

The solution:

In this face shape, the rouge should sit sideways on the cheekbone and continue to reach downwards than with other face shapes. This breaks the area of the cheeks and puts the chin slightly out of focus.

Apply Rouge correctly: oval face shapeApply rouge: oval face shape

Your face is rather oval? Congratulation! This face shape is actually ideal and problem-free. Rouge can simply be used as a great refresher or for an elegant look.

The problem:

Actually none but so that the beautiful proportions of this face shape look particularly good, there is also the ideal place for the cheek red.

The recommendation:

Put the blush directly on the cheekbones. Start with the highest part of the cheek and streak the color towards the back. A little rouge on the hairline above the temples emphasizes the beautiful proportions in addition.

Apply Rouge correctly: long face shape

Apply rouge: Long face

Oblong face shape is more balanced when looking at the width. This works great with rouge.

The problem:

A long face is perceived as too narrow – the proportions seem inharmonious.

The solution:

Apply the rouge from the highest point of the cheekbones almost horizontally towards the hairline. The horizontal line is the necessary compensation for the length of the face. So it seems less narrow and slender.

Rouge: Rosy variety

From powder rouge to blusher stick – the variety of rouge products is huge. Cream blush is good for dry skin. However, those who naturally have oily complexions should resort to powder-blushed rouge.

For real powder blush fans, invest in a good brush. If you spend a little more, you will enjoy your beauty helper for a long time. Cheap brushes like to lose hair and who wants to peck after the makeup individually from the face?

Rosy freshness brings, among other things, these rouge variants on your cheeks:

A little blush on the cheeks makes the makeup perfect and conjures up a little kick of freshness on your face!

We have the best make-up tips and show you how best to apply cream and gel blush with a step-by-step guide!

How to apply blush

Rouge has a great effect. Properly used it will make you look healthy and fresh. Here you will learn step-by-step, how to properly apply your blush and which color matches your skin best. You should only use cream and gel blush if you have smooth skin.

1. To apply the rouge, it is best to use a rough brush, sponge or your fingers.

Important: The color of your Rouges should correspond to your natural cheeks red;

2. Make sure you do not use too much rouge. Put some rouge, if it seems too little.

3. The professional: Apply the rouge on the protruding cheekbones. The rouge towards the hairline

How to Apply Blush: Glowing Face

Use the blush can make your face really bright

how to apply it without making mistakes?

Today we want to explain how to apply blush

(also known by the name of blush) without error and without creating unsightly patches of color on the face.

The color you choose should not be overly flashy, and will simply have to highlight your face.

The orange tones will be fine for such an olive complexion,

while those of light pink go well for those who have a very clear complexion.

To apply to highlight the cheekbones, you will first pass the brush on the product, and tap it lightly.

You just have to practice to become really very respectable!

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