Anti Aging Treatment: How To Find These Makeup Tips Make You Younger Anti Aging Treatment: How To Find These Makeup Tips Make You Younger Anti Aging Treatment: How To Find These Makeup Tips Make You Younger

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How To Find Anti-Aging Treatment: With These Make-Up Tips Make You Younger

How To Find Anti-Aging Treatment: With These Make-Up Tips Make You Younger

How To Find Anti-Aging Treatment: With These Make-Up Tips Make You Younger
January 12
05:17 2021

How to find anti aging treatment and skin care us a long list of promises.

How to sort the good from the bad?

Advice from our specialist, Dr Marie Estelle Roux.

Anti aging treatment

How To Find Anti Aging Treatment From Expert Advice


How does it work?

Retinoids have the power to increase the production of collagen rid the skin of dead cells and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This vitamin A derivative is the antioxidant anti-aging treatment most recommended by dermatologists.

Attention! Light reduces the effectiveness of retinoids. Also note care available without prescription are as derivatives of retinoids (retinol and less powerful, retinyl palmitate).

When do we see their effects?

You have to use at least 3 weeks for a brighter skin. But it takes longer to find a thicker dermis at least a month. Care without prescription show the same effects after 3-6 months.

As sera, retinoids penetrate better into the skin. Otherwise, a dermatologist can prescribe retinoic acid. Powerful and therefore more irritating, begin gradually to avoid damaging the dermis. Some skins cannot tolerate. However, we see a difference faster 8 to 12 weeks.
Anti Aging Treatment

Best Sunscreen For Sensitive Face: How To Find Anti Aging Treatment

Younger, more sensitive to the sun Do not forget your sunscreen! “Retinoids increase sun sensitivity. They reduce the thickness of the skin, so UV rays penetrate better there. ” It is advised to apply the anti-aging treatment only at night. Also, note that retinoids are not recommended for pregnant women.

Hyaluronic Acid a Molecule Super Moisturizing

How does it work?

New on the market anti-aging treatment, hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body to lubricate joints and eyes. The anti-aging market there are creams, serums, pills, and capsules. As an injection, it replaced the collagen. “We prefer hyaluronic acid collagen. This was an animal suspected of transmitting animal diseases.

Then, hyaluronic acid gives more volume and lasts up to 5 times longer in the skin collagen “says dermatologist. A U.S study showed that among women aged 30 to 60 years hyaluronic acid cream significantly reduces wrinkles around the eyes after two months.

Attention! “Hyaluronic acid orally is useless. Once swallowed it is digested and does not occur in the skin. does not act like a vitamin. In creams and serums if hyaluronic acid has a high molecular weight it does not penetrate the skin. Therefore it has a little weight to penetrate. “

When do we see its effects?

The injections were instantaneous effects and last 12 to 15 months on average.

Want to try a cream or serum?

Choose a cream that contains 2 sizes of the molecule, our specialist advice. Large molecules remain on the surface of the skin and are moisturizing. We see its effects immediately, which swell the skin more.

Small molecules can enter the skin. They lead to the production of collagen have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. But they are rapidly degraded and therefore have a small stimulatory effect.


Alpha Hydroxy Acids Anti Exfoliation Task

How does it work?

These acids (AHAs), including glycolic acid and fruit acid, removes dead skin cells giving a dull complexion. They do not have abrasive particles found in scrubs manuals. AHAs are recommended for mature skin damaged by the sun they encourage the production of collagen and reduce the depth of wrinkles.

Attention! A concentration too high may damage the skin. We must start slightly and find the suitable acid to the skin. Asked the advice of a dermatologist if you hesitate.

Wrinkle Cream For Sensitive Skin Treatment

When do we see their effects?

The skin becomes smoother immediately. For wrinkles, we see improvements after several months. Our specialist provides the right thing: “In the long run, it is better to use a soft cream every day with a peeling stronger every 2 or 3 months.

Every day cream with a concentration of 3% to 15% AHA erases tasks and has an antioxidant effect. Peels with sturdiest strong 30% to 70% AHA stimulate the skin in depth.
Always remember your SPF new skin, more sensitive, burns easily under UV light.

Anti Aging Treatment

Peptides Targeted Action

How does it work?

This is a small protein that penetrates the skin says our expert. Peptides stimulate natural functions of cells. Each type of peptide walking differently. Often sought those that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin or those that increase the hydration of the dermis. In addition, they are often very well tolerated by the skin.

What prevents them from walking?

Attention to the size. Dr. Ivona Percec, the plastic surgeon at the University of Pennsylvania, said: “One size too large may prevent them from entering the skin, depending on the product used and depending on the individual. However, in moisturizers peptides can still fill wrinkles making them less visible.

When did we see their effects?

On average, we begin to see the difference in 2 months. Significant improvements are visible after a period of 6 to 8 months.

How To Find Anti Aging Treatment and Vitamins Fashion Antioxidant

How does it work?

Vitamins C and E ensure the production of collagen and fight against free radicals responsible for premature aging of the skin. These vitamins are available as supplements or also in fruits and vegetables. You can also apply creams containing vitamins. The two solutions are complementary” says Dr. Marie-Estelle Roux.

What prevents them from walking?

It has not been scientifically proven that these vitamins slow down the aging of the skin. anti aging treatment and excess supplementation may affect health in some studies. Change your diet by eating more fruits and vegetables per day is the most natural solution.

When did we see their effects?

We do not see radical differences but vitamins have preventive effects. Combined with a good diet they would light skin. Care, prefer concentrated serums. They provide a protective layer on the face. To keep skin young and beautiful.

Which woman needs Botox and Lifting if she just has to open her make-up bag? We show makeup tips that make you look a few years younger in the blink of an eye.

Do you want to make up a few years younger?

No problem: the best makeup tricks for a youthful complexion.

Girls and young women want to look older and older through make-up. Once women have passed the 30 and 40 mark, they usually want the opposite: a fresh, rejuvenated look.

Thankfully, the right makeup products and makeup tips can look like a cheap and quick makeover. And that’s not what a Hollywood make-up artist needs: we’ve put together a few makeup tricks that can cheat you a few years younger.

Less Is More: Not Too Much Make-Up

First of all, the best makeup products do not help if they are not selected and dosed correctly. Although it is a fact that the face shows more spots and wrinkles in old age – but that does not mean that you should completely paste it.

Especially with the primer, some women exaggerate it and hardly allow a piece of skin to shine through. The result: a rigid, unnatural overall picture that leaves no chance for one’s own complexion and ensures that we look years older.

Also in terms of color, it always comes back to mistakes. While blue eyeliners, pink mascara, and dark lips may look more modern to younger women, certain colors of mouth, eyes, and co. Do not always appear in the best light at a mature age. Nevertheless, the right lip color and a little shimmer to emphasize the eyes are allowed at the right dosage for an extra freshness kick. Later more.

Makeup Rule Number One: Moisture First

Stop! Before you unpack your makeup utensils right now, you should definitely know the most important rule when applying makeup over 40: apply moisturizer before all other steps. If you do without it, your skin will deprive the applied primer of moisture and dry spots and small wrinkles will be highlighted all the more.

A well-moisturized facial skin provides a young, radiant complexion – so you should also make sure that the make-up products used, they contribute something. In other words, use creamy, liquid, or gel-based makeup products and leave heavy powders on the shelf that tends to settle in the wrinkles.

The Right Primer: Concealer

The key to rejuvenating makeup is the foundation, which provides a warm, healthy complexion. Remember: less is more. This primer brightens the darker areas and ensures a more even complexion.

The result: a uniform, naturally fresh complexion. For women 40plus also slightly yellowish tones are suitable in the primer, because the warm tone makes the skin look younger. A light golden hue helps against unwanted paleness, a pale complexion, and annoying redness and also ensures a healthy, rejuvenated look.

The Right Foundation For Foundation: Primer

Primers are among the true miracle products among rejuvenating makeup articles. This is actually a type of primer that was originally introduced as a smoothing product. The almost colorless, light primers fill wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores and form a smoothing film on the skin.

In addition, they hide redness, age spots, and other pigmentary disorders. So you ensure a natural, even complexion and lay the perfect foundation for more makeup products.

Brows, Eyelashes, And Eyelids: Problem Zone Eyes

Bring eyebrows into shape for a more youthful look first – just as you grow older, your hair may thin out, grow too bushy, or turn gray.

Those who want to tuft bushy eyebrows should approach the matter with caution: too thin or undefined bows make eyes and eyelids appear flabby. It is best to consult a beauty professional. If you want to pick up your own tweezers and scissors, pluck only the hairs outside the bow and carefully cut off any protruding brows. To get rid of gray hairs, simply use a liquid eyebrow pencil or dye it with a professional.

For a fresher look, accentuate the lower inner lid, the so-called waterline, with cream kohl. When eyeshadow special eye primer and subtle colors such as earth tones ensure that the increasing wrinkles in the eye area are no longer emphasized. A slight shimmer as a highlight on the inner lid – for example in champagne, copper or rose gold – provides a fresh, radiant look.

The more open and larger the eyes are, the younger the whole face appears. But even the eyelashes seem to fall victim to gravity in old age and to hang down more and more. With eyebrow, pliers bring your eyelashes back into action. For mascara, it is better to use extending mascara instead of compressing mascara, which, thanks to its weight, smoothes even thinner hairs even more.

How To Find Anti Aging TreatmentRouge, But Right

In order to define the facial contour and to strengthen the rejuvenating effect may be some color on the cheeks. Apply cream rouge, for example in warm rose tones, on the highest part of the cheekbones and blending it to the hairline.

Lips To Fall In Love

Full lips are a sign of youthfulness and freshness, but unfortunately, you have to make some compromises in old age: The lips, especially the upper, are thinner. Dark, strong colors accentuate narrow lips and also emphasize the wrinkles around the mouth.

For that reason, prefer to use softer tones such as mauve, rose or a warm pink when using lipstick color. With a lip liner, the contours are even more defined and the lips appear fuller. As a finishing touch, use some lip balm or a colorless lip gloss to make the mouth appear more youthful.

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