How To Lose Weight On The Fat Foods All About LCHF-Diet How To Lose Weight On The Fat Foods All About LCHF-Diet How To Lose Weight On The Fat Foods All About LCHF-Diet

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How To Lose Weight On The Fast Foods All About LCHF-Diet

How To Lose Weight On The Fast Foods All About LCHF-Diet

How To Lose Weight On The Fast Foods All About LCHF-Diet
October 07
22:20 2018

How to lose weight on the fast foods that help lose weight and burn fat. List of fat burning foods to lose weight “Eat fat and grow thin”– is a nutritional doctrine, which is surely taking over the world. Butter instead of fruit detox, steak against buckwheat on the water. We understand how this is possible.

How To Lose Weight On The Fat Foods Pass On To A Serving Dish

How To Lose Weight On The Fat Foods Pass On To A Serving Dish

Imagine that some of the fundamental laws of the universe are suddenly failed. Two times two is not four, not the Volga flows into the Caspian Sea, the force action is an equal and opposite reaction. The nutrition is happening now is a tectonic shift, completely changes the idea, on which the person loses weight, and forever, and from what – is rapidly gaining weight and hopeless.

How To Lose Weight On The Fat Foods:

It’s hard, but sooner or later has to accept the unexpected truth from fatty foods, not polish. The cause of excess weight – seemingly useful carbohydrates: oatmeal, fruit yogurt with cereals, potatoes. Low-fat milk and cheese – it is bad, and the butter and lard – good. The war with the animal fat was one of the most meaningless of human history, and it is played. Bury overcoat, go home.

We can not trust scientists (what to expect of the people, who tortured mice?) trumpeted the news. But some stars do not lie?

Their career and well-being are directly dependent on, what they look like. Gwyneth Paltrow in the spring of 2018 caused a lot of noise statement that her children sit on a low-carb fat diet (low carb High fat, or LCHF): no bread, pasta, rice. The actress released a cookbook, “It’s all helpful “(It’s all good) – it is a set of low-carb gluten-free recipes.

Sweden first officially recognized principles LCHF – after the Council on Health Technology Assessment has analyzed 16,000 scientific papers.

We can not trust the actors (which they do not lash out, to draw attention to themselves), but experts in popular television programs and publications solid, something they would not lie?

Last January, in the United States released a documentary film-Carb Loaded: A culture dying to Eat ( “Charged carbohydrates: the murderous culture of food”), it opens the main health scam of the twentieth century: the basis for nutrition lay absolutely no one has proven the idea, that fats, especially animals, harmful, and cereals, grains, and other carbohydrates – are useful.

“It all started when, in the early ’60s rice, pasta, bread and potatoes form the basis of our diet, – says nutritionist Gary Taubes, author of “Why We polneem” and one of the characters in the film. – So I began to develop the pyramid of healthy eating. “Downstairs – vegetables and carbohydrates, above the – meat, eggs, and milk (i.e. protein and protein-fat food) and at the very top – quite a bit of butter and vegetable oil, as well as sweets.

In 1977, the US Senate Committee issued a cornerstone document ” Dietary problems of the United States, “which urged Americans to eat less fatty meat, eggs and milk, and more fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates.

Soon the idea was picked up by other countries. “This has caused a lot of resistance on the part of scientists and nutritionists – says Adele Hite, a doctor and an expert on healthy eating portal – There is no science, which would confirm, that it is necessary to conduct such experiments on humans. Nevertheless, the media and the public swallowed it all. ”

Timothy Noaks, bestselling author waterlogged, Adele support, said, that there was not a clinical trial, which would prove, that fatty foods lead to obesity.

It took almost 40 years, and we can assess the consequences of food-approved doctrine. On the planet of obese people longer, than starving in Russia, most of the population (about 60%) is overweight, and about a third – this is suffering from obesity.

70% – that is the percentage of fat in the diet of those, who hold keto diet.

Today, it turns out, that the science-based food pyramid should look like. Foundation – non-starchy vegetables (greens, cucumbers, tomatoes and all, that grows above the ground), and natural fatty foods – meat, fish and poultry, butter and vegetable oil, cheese and curd untrimmed. At the top – little nuts, fruits, beans, and other carbohydrates, associated with the fiber. Potatoes, bread, sugar and all sweet with the concept of “Health” are incompatible…

In Russia still strong and long-standing prejudices concept, nutritionists – conservative and food producers are interested in, so we were from childhood to sweet and starchy foods. But sooner or later the new, scientifically based representations possess the most rigid minds. Just this will take some time.

LCHF-recipe “frittata”

You will need:

  • 85 g goat cheese
  • 2 stalks leeks, sliced along
  • 3 tbsp. l. unsalted butter
  • 2 tbsp. l. olive oil 6 eggs
  • Coarse salt
  • Black pepper
  • 1 h. L. dried herbs
    Skillet with non-stick coating
How to cook:

Melt two Art. l. butter and one – olive in a pan over medium heat. Add leeks and a generous pinch of salt, mascara, stirring occasionally until the onion is soft and golden brown – about six minutes on a plate and let cool.
In a bowl eggs with 1 ch. L. salt, pepper. Add leeks, herbs and goat cheese, mix well.

In a clean frying pan, heat the remaining oil. When it has melted, add the mixture. Prepare, until the eggs begin to fasten – five minutes. Then put everything in the oven for five minutes.

Take out of the oven, let cool a few minutes and pass on to a serving dish. Serve warm.

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