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Jackie Kennedy, Miley Cyrus And The Spirit Of The 60s – All This In The New Collection Of Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs – real talent and maestro! For the whole evening to move guests to New York of the 60s – not everyone can do it. The new collection, inspired by the style of the legendary Jackie Kennedy, and the enchanting appearance of Miley Cyrus on the main podium – a very interesting show came out. About all this and not only – read in our material.

The Marc Jacobs brand has always been distinguished by its originality and personality. At a time when almost every collection was full of prints, ruffles, and stones, our hero decided to show real fashion and professionalism.

Many shortcomings can be hidden under a thick layer of sequins and ruffles, and not everyone can make classic clothes at a high level. Almost no prints, lack of oversize and minimalism at its best – we are meeting a new batch of 2020 trends.

In the autumn-winter collection, we see references to the style of Jacqueline Kennedy, an icon of the 1960s. Straight-cut suits, voluminous hairstyles, and even a coral color, which was the favorite shade of the first lady. The designer perfectly transformed Miss Kennedy’s style in accordance with modern trends – enjoy and take note.


Trapezoidal silhouettes won pride of place in the clothing line and embodied in suits and coats with three buttons. Cropped tops and blouses, a slightly lowered waist and office suits in pastel colors were given special honor.

the new collection of Marc Jacobs

The designer also preferred kitten heels shoes – popular in the 60s, small-heeled boats. Monochrome images, as we can see, became a hit of the autumn-winter collection. All in one color: scarves, shoes, and accessories. And color tights are the long-suffering and bright trend of this season.

Bella Hadid spirit of the 60s, the new collection of Marc Jacobs

The chief stylist of the brand, Guido Palau, says that the creation of these creations was inspired by great women from different eras, whom he still loves and respects.

It’s not at all surprising that Bella Hadid walked up the catwalk in a small black dress, like Audrey Hepburn’s in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, and ballet attributes in the form of sconces, white tights, and pastel shades appeared as a result of Jacobs love for Carol Armitage – ” punk ballerina “1980s.

Just look at how interesting the designer handed bikes: in combination with long classic jackets. It seems that this controversial product has a chance of a new life.

the spirit of the 60s Dresses, the new collection of Marc Jacobs

In the Marc Jacobs collection, there was a place for stunning evening dresses. Translucent black lace gently enveloped the figure of the models, and the combinations and body were very piquant elements.

Jackie Kennedy, Miley Cyrus In Black Dressing, the new collection of Marc Jacobs

The star of the catwalk was a popular and shocking singer – Miley Cyrus. Her designer dressed in a total black look, consisting of sconces, lowered trousers and long gloves. The celebrity looked like a girl from the Britney Spears era – sexy, cheeky and playful.

Do you like the minimalism performed by Marc Jacobs? Read also about the new collection of the Ukrainian designer – BEVZA, which she presented at Fashion Week in New York.

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