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Jennifer Aniston Celebrates 51st Birthday: Interesting Facts About the Star of the Series “Friends”

February 11 marks the 51st anniversary of Jennifer Aniston. The famous Hollywood actress today receives numerous congratulations from relatives, friends, and a multi-million army of fans around the world. And by this beautiful date, we decided to recall interesting facts from the life of a star.

The Western press previously wrote that Jennifer Aniston is preparing in a special way for her birthday: supposedly she is ripe for beauty injections, although it seems to us that the artist looks great. And the attention of Brad Pitt to her only confirms this.

Jennifer Aniston Celebrates 51st Birthday

But on a personal holiday stars of the series “Friends”, we already have something to remember. The most interesting moments in the life of the charismatic Jennifer Aniston, the “neighbor girl”, as she is often called by critics, are already in our material.

Jennifer Aniston's Birthday

The full real name of the actress is Jennifer Joanna Anastassakis. According to many, in show business with such a complex surname, it is difficult to break through, so the future star simplified it for memorization.

As you understand by name, Jennifer Aniston has Greek roots. Her parents: John Aniston and mother Nancy Dow were also in the field of show business and starred in films. Jen also has an older and younger brother.

Jennifer Aniston was in a very bad relationship with her mother (she criticized her daughter all her life for her appearance, lack of children, role in the movie). In the last 10 years of Nancy Dow’s life, they did not communicate at all, and in 2016, Aniston’s mother died.

Aniston Mom photo

Jennifer Aniston has a talent for drawing since childhood. One of her paintings was even exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The star was not immediately successful in the cinema, so she managed to work as a waitress, postal courier, and telemarketer.

For many years, Jennifer Aniston is panicky afraid of flying and prefers ground transportation. She uses airplanes in exceptional cases.

Jennifer Aniston Biography

On the screen, Jen made her debut in the TV series “Molly” (1990), and the first film was the horror “Leprechaun” (1993). But, of course, the role of Rachel Green in the series “Friends” brought her world success, for which she lost 10 kg.

By the way, initially, Jennifer auditioned for the role of Monica Geller, but still, the producers decided to give this role to Courtney Cox, and now it’s hard to imagine that everything could be different. Aniston received Golden Globe and Emmy awards for her role in Friends.

An interesting point is related to the hairstyle of Rachel Green. At that time, star stylist Chris MacMillan admitted that Rachel’s famous hairstyle was created by chance: he accidentally cut a lock of Jen’s hair before filming the first episode of the series. As a result, Jen’s new hairstyle became an inspiration for girls around the world.

Aniston Series Friends Photo

Jennifer could take the place of Kate Winslet in “The Titanic” and Phoebe in the series “Charmed”, but fate decreed otherwise.

Do not believe it, but the personal life of the star passed under a series of fate’s interference. Jennifer Aniston met Brad Pitt on a blind date in 1998. In 2000, they got married, and in 2005 they divorced due to Pitt’s betrayal with Angelina Jolie.

After Aniston had an affair with the musician Adam Duritz, as well as with Tate Donovan. And while working on the comedy “Wanderlust” she met Justin Theroux, who later became her husband. True, a few years ago the couple officially divorced.

the reason for the separation of Aniston and pitta

The series “Friends” gave Jennifer Aniston not only world fame but also her best friend. Together with Courtney Cox, they have been walking for more than 20 years in life. Jennifer is also the godmother of Courtney’s daughter.

Aniston Courtney Cox

Actress Jennifer Aniston, despite the fact that she does not yet have her children, constantly helps charitable organizations with generous donations that help children with oncology and genetic diseases.

And on this day the best wishes are addressed to Jennifer Aniston, to which we also join!

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