Best 10 Julie Gayet Dresses Looks On Red Carpet Best 10 Julie Gayet Dresses Looks On Red Carpet Best 10 Julie Gayet Dresses Looks On Red Carpet

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Best 10 Julie Gayet Dresses Looks On Red Carpet

Best 10 Julie Gayet Dresses Looks On Red Carpet

Best 10 Julie Gayet Dresses Looks On Red Carpet
January 22
09:53 2019

Julie Gayet dresses most beautiful looks on the red carpet. Actress for many years, Julie Gayet saw her career really take off only from the Gayet Gate. In fact, the actress has camped a college prof psychopath time of an episode in the series profiling, broadcast Thursday on TF1.

Besides that, the star will soon be on display alongside Mourning Allegre Agnès Jaoui or Bruno Todeschini. But not that already committed for the release of kidnapped girls in Nigeria, Julie Gayet played in 14 Million Scream. The short film of 4 minutes, directed by Lisa Azuelos and broadcast on the Internet on March 8 on Women’s Day, denounces forced marriage. And French actress now wants director.

Julie Gayet Dresses Beautiful Looks On The Red Carpet

Best 10 Julie Gayet Dresses Looks On Red Carpet

Indeed, Julie Gayet co-signed Mathieu Busson Cinéast (e) s, a documentary focused on the role of women in film. To promote the project, the actress does not hesitate to walk the red carpet festivals. And the least we can say is that it has a style all its own!

The Small Dark Dress, Classic

Fan sober and discreet looks, Julie Gayet had recently opted for an all-black outfit. It thus wore a little black dress belted, black wool jacket, opaque tights and a pair of derbies varnished.

During the 10 years of the Parisian restaurant in the dark, star, maxi black skirt, had mixed two of her favorite parts: the shirt look chic silk and black and white. More glamorous little blue strapless sheath marine Lyons, Julie Gayet was a sensation.

Tuxedo Or Nothing

Red carpet, Julie Gayet plays it ultra chic tuxedo. At the ceremony of the Caesars, she had displayed such total black look, relying on fabric shades. At the American Film Festival in Deauville, it is in black tuxedo and white top with V-neck maxi she walked the red carpet.

In a spirit less red carpet and deconstruct ‘Julie Gayet attended the premiere of her documentary derbies varnished dark three-quarter pants and long blazer jacket.

In San Sebastian, it’s skinny jeans, heeled boots, sleek black coat and black and white striped scarf that the actress took the pose.

Divine In Colorful Dresses

At the Venice Film Festival, Julie Gayet has walked the red carpet in a long draped bustier dress and chiffon. If it appears very (too) often understated looks, we loved the view of raspberry pink.

In Beirut, the actress chose a long dress in shades of pink powder, chic and elegant! On Pink October evening in Paris, she was displayed in little dress more casual mid purple long sleeve in cute silk.

Julie Gayet At The Bonpoint Evening In Paris

Julie Gayet Dresses

During the cocktail Bonpoint, the star opted for a total black look. It therefore appeared in little black dress belted derbies and varnish.

Julie Gayet To The 10th Anniversary Of The Restaurant in The Dark In Paris

Julie Gayet Dresses

Always elegant and simple, Julie Gayet was displayed in white shirt and black skirt maxi on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of a Parisian restaurant.

Julie Gayet At The Inauguration Of The 6th Light Festival In Lyon

Julie Gayet Dresses

Perched on a pair of hot sandals, Julie Gayet opted for a small navy blue dress strapless sheath, chic and classy!

Julie Gayet At The 39th Ceremony Of The Caesars In Paris

Julie Gayet Dresses

If she knows God appear in a long dress, Julie Gayet also like to play the chic tuxedo. We like the total black look with nuanced tissue.

Julie Gayet At The American Film Festival Of Deauville

Julie Gayet Dresses

Unlike other stars, Julie Gayet is often more elegant trousers that dress! Here in black and white tuxedo and top V neckline, the actress appeared ultra stylish.

Julie Gayet At The First Of Cineast (s) In Paris

Julie Gayet Dresses

Julie Gayet likes to be comfortable. Thus, it is played it casual pants 3/4 derbies varnished and long blazer. We love the stylish Parisian look effortless!

Julie Gayet At The San Sebastian Film Festival

Julie Gayet Dresses

Came to attend the San Sebastian Film Festival as a director, Julie Gayet was displayed cool black cigarette pants, black boots and coat.

Julie Gayet At The First Birdman At The Venice Film Festival

Julie Gayet Dresses

At the Venice Film Festival, the actress walked the red carpet in strapless chiffon raspberry color.

Julie Gayet At The Beirut Film Festival

Julie Gayet Dresses

Traveling in Lebanon to present Sils Maria, Julie Gayet out all the stops in powder pink long dress. We love the chic of her dress that fits perfectly with her hair shell.

Julie Gayet During The Evening Pink October Organized By Estee Lauder In Paris

Julie Gayet Dresses

During the evening Pink October, the actress opted for an original dress plum n thick cloth and fine silk hot at sleeves and suddenly.

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