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Latest Short Haircuts For Women: The Top Celebrity Haircuts 2020 2021

Sometimes cheeky, sometimes casual – 2020 2021 short haircuts in women can have a very different effect. If you are looking for an inversion, check out our small collection of short hairstyles for women.

Discover some of the most fashionable haircuts that will be particularly popular in the 2020 seasons.

Many models, actresses, singers and it-girls have already farewell to their long mane and present themselves with fashionable Pixie-cuts and chin-lined Bob on the red carpet.

Hairstyles & Haircuts 2020 – The Most Popular Cuts And Hair Color Trends

Women Short Hairstyles

The Pixie-Cut is extremely versatile and looks quite different. Technically, the classic short haircut works like this: long coat hair, shorter sides. This hairstyle offers many different possibilities.

The trick is to find the right styling that best suits your face shape. A hairstyle can make the proportions of our face more harmonious and also mask small blemishes.

Here are some of the most beautiful varieties of the pixie hairstyle.

Short Hair and Dresses With Long Pony.

Along with pony, which ends under the eyebrows, is very popular in combination with a short haircut. Choose the best fit for a slightly fringed pony. The long pony fits well into an elongated face shape and conceals a high forehead.

Short pixie haircuts for women

Asymmetrical Short Haircuts For Women.

Asymmetrical short hair styling is perfect for women. who likes to stand out! The pony part extends approximately to the chin, while the other side is cut short.

A strong contrast occurs when the hair is shaved sideways. The pony is cut very obliquely in this combination. and fits perfectly to an oval as well as an angular face.

The Undone look looks super. If you want to bring more structure and movement into your hair. you can twist a few highlights in the front part irregularly with a curling iron.

Asymmetrical Short Haircuts For Women

Pixie-Cut Grow Longer.

The longer Pixie-Cut is a great transitional transition from short to medium or from Pixie to Bob. The haircut is short enough to look cheeky and attract all eyes.

However, the extra-long front hairline of the hairstyle gives a feminine appeal and framed the face in an elegant way. The hairs on the sides are also longer.

Women Long Pixie Short Haircuts

Short hair for women with natural curls.

Anything but boring is a short haircut with curly hair. Nature locks are always a real eye-catcher and generally stand for laziness and freedom, but also temperament. Curls are hard to curb with long hair.

In contrast, short haircut is very easy to maintain. It leaves the individual curls enough free space to unfold their jumping power and thus provides impressive wow effects. If you have very strong curls. choose the best for a short bob. A slightly longer pixie cut fits perfectly with slightly wavy hair.

Haircuts and Hairstyles Trends 2020: The Top Ten For The Autumn Winter

Natural Short Curly Haircuts For Women

Short with Undercut.

The Undercut is not only popular with men. Scarlett Johannson was still in 2020 with a shaved short haircut. With short shaved sides and neck parts, the focus is on cool. The long coat also offers a lot of styling possibilities.

Women Undercut Short Hair

The Two-Tone-Trend: Two colors possible with short hair.

The forehead is long and the hair on the sides is cut short. The raised and spiky tips look cheeky and give the hairstyle a beautiful structure. The dark hair in blond hair, by the way, chic and shows certain “casualness”.

Katy Perry Blond Undercut

Short haircuts for women – The very short buzz cut.

In the past, there was a lot of courage to wear short-haired short dresses. But stars such as Cara Delevigne and Jessie J have even shaved a bald head, proving that they look attractive and feminine even without hair.

Cara Delevigne Buzz Cut Platinum Shaved Blond

The radical haircut is perfect for women with an elongated face and around the head shape. Anyone who wants to upgrade the Buzzcut hairdo can also experiment with the color.

Platinum is the trend.

Hair in Platinum blond is fully fashionable, as far as hair color is concerned. The nuance provides for a look and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. The silvery-white mane of Katy Perry has missed a beautiful step cut, which has different fringes.

Katy Perry Cheeky Platinum Blond Hair

At the Haute Couture Fashion Show of Dior in Paris on July 4. Katy Perry, Cara Delevigne and Kristen Stewart presented their cheeky, platinum-blond shorts. The three ladies, however, do not have the same hairstyle.

Katy had a Pixie Cut, while Kristen and Cara grasped her hair. The reason for the radical haircut of the actress. and the model was her film roles.

Short hair dresses for women with highlights.

The trends from the 90s celebrate their comeback today. First were the chokers, then the jeans with a high waistband and belly-free tops. Now you will always see blonded lace with short hairdressers.

90s Buzz Cut Highlights For Women Haircuts
Short Haircuts Tresses Frosted Tips With Bleached Tip

The Blunt Bob.

The Blunt Bob is already since the spring as the hairstyles Trend 2019. and it will surely also remain in 2020. The haircut is suitable for this as well as for thick hair and can end directly under the ears or at the level of the chin.

Blunt Bob Platinum Blond without Scale

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