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30+ Long Hairstyles 2020 – For Long Haircuts To Change Hairdresser Look

30+ Long Hairstyles 2020 – For Long Haircuts To Change Hairdresser Look

30+ Long Hairstyles 2020 – For Long Haircuts To Change Hairdresser Look
November 29
08:55 2019

What are the long hairstyles 2020? that we can show off our heads to give a new style to our look? Here’s to you have long hairstyles and haircuts series of ideas to keep in mind when you go to your hairdresser.

Long Haircuts For Long Hairstyles To Change Hairdresser Look

How will the fashion of long haircuts of 2020?

If you really can not give up a long hair and cannot do much to choose trendy short haircuts 2020, do not worry, because even an average length will be just as valuable or more abundant on your hair. Just choose the best long hairstyle for this season.

If you really can not give up a long hair. and, can not do much to choose trendy short haircuts until 2020. Do not worry, because even an average length will be just as valuable or more abundant on your hair. Just choose the best long hairstyle for this season.

Long Haircuts For Long Hairstyles To Change Hairdresser Look-0

If you want long haircuts for 2020 trend. then let loose with scissors of the hairdresser. the cuts will be scaled to appreciate. even those flavored punk with different lengths and smoothing. the side that so rocks star, but also the classics of typically with the scaled ideal for making light our head.

Long Haircuts For Long Hairstyles To Change Hairdresser Look-01

Yes even with side fringes that cover practically. the whole front as well as the large banks, able to frame our visa with an essential style and very glamorous. Very well haircuts with waves or curls and to give a little ‘movement to a head. maybe a bit’ too smooth.

Long Haircuts For Long Hairstyles To Change Hairdresser Look-02

Even parted in the middle in the seventies style. the perfect for a haircut of trendy fashionable look. as well as the sideline although it will be a little ‘less convincing if not combined with a side fringe.

Long Hairstyles: Smart styling and great cuts

Long hairstyles 2020

With these long hairstyles, we present you refined haircuts for more volume, the perfect sleek look and the 2020 hard-to-say rocking styling for long hair. With smart styling tricks, you can also make long hairstyles with that certain something,

just like the perfect ponytail. You can also get inspiration for cool color gambling for long hair here. Have fun with the long hairstyles 2020!

The deep side parting is styled out of the face and pinned. The slightly wavy falling hair makes the look on the one hand very glamorous, on the other hand, but also playful. A great long hairstyle for the first date.

See more hairstyles for the first date here

Long Haircuts For Long Hairstyles To Change Hairdresser Look-03

Hairstyle Long Hair

Here we see one of the favorite hairstyles of the models: voluminous long hairstyles in the look of the 80s. In this hairstyle for long hair, a loose center parting and waves should not be missed of course!

Long Haircuts For Long Hairstyles To Change Hairdresser Look-05

Hairstyle with Center Parting

This long hairstyle with center parting is cut to a length and therefore looks very flush. To loosen up the whole thing, the front end was slightly stepped towards the transition.

How do you like the hairstyle of Hilary Duff?

Long Hairstyle of Hilary Duff

Nicola Peltz Hairstyle

The actress Nicola Peltz (“Transformers: the era of destruction”) wears her long hair to the side of her head. The long hairstyle gets more volume through the screwed-in tips.

Nicola Peltz Hairstyle

Elegant Long Hairstyle

Very elegant – but still cool – shows model Cara Delevingne here. For this beautiful long hairstyle in the front half draw a deep side parting, the back part is in the middle. Turn the lengths to big curls.

More about Cara: Cara Delevingne

Elegant Long Hairstyle Cara Delevingne

Beautiful Long Hairstyle

Here is a classic long hairstyle: At the BCBG Show at the New York Fashion Week, a model shows this simple yet beautiful long hairstyle

New York Fashion Week Long Hairstyles

Simona Andrejic Long Hairstyles

The chic twist on the hippie look: Model Simona Andrejic wore her hair at the Luca Luca fashion show with its casual center parting and gently waved tops.

Simona Andrejic Long Hairstyles

Hat With Long Hair

Nina Dobrev demonstrates, A hat for long hair. This looks chic and cool in both summer and winter. And this is how it works: Pull any part of your head, curl your hair lightly or knead with some styling paste, hat open and ready.

You want to know which hat suits you best. Then do our test: Which hat suits me?

Nina Dobrev Wore Hat With Long Hairstyles

Braided Pigtail Long Hairstyles

Here, the Australian presenter Ricki-Lee Coulter shows us a beautiful hairstyle for long hair. The beautiful braiding – here in the form of a braided side braid – is additionally adorned with a hairband.

Everything about hair accessories is available here.

Braided Pigtail Long Hairstyles

Elsa Hosk: Long Curly Hair

Models Elsa Hosk shows a very simple, but so beautiful long hairstyle on the catwalk of the Victoria’s Secret Show 2012: middle parting to light curls.

there is exactly how easy this look is to imitate: How do I get waves in my hair?

Elsa Hosk Long Curly Hair

Jessica Chastain Long Hairstyles

Wickerwork! Jessica Chastain wore a gorgeous braiding hairdo at the 2015 Critics’ Choice Awards, which we had to re-decorate immediately. Are you feeling the same?

Even more inspiration here: braided hairstyles

Jessica Chastain Long Hairstyles

Gisele B√ľndchen’s Hairstyle

Gisele Bundchen has the perfect long hair: Surfer style, full, healthy with beautiful waves. But at the MET Gala 2013, Gisele once dared to come up with a new styling variant and presented her mane with an extreme side vertex. Looks good, too, we find. And you?

Balayage Blond Brown Gisele Bundchen Hair

Long Hair: Curls Hairstyles

For these enchanting long hair and curls, the front end was slightly stepped, which brings a great transition. The rest of the hair is cut relatively compact, so the curls are bundled and get a uniform look.

More curls here

Long Curls Hairstyles

Voluminous Long Hair

Voluminous long hairstyles are very much in vogue. With thick hair, gentle waves relax the overall look – it is best to use a good curling iron, for example from GHD.

Voluminous Long Hair

Strands For Long Hair

Natural-looking looks are another topic for long hairstyles. Thin-haired strands in different blond tones make this hairstyle for more contour, the hair is cut – except for the tiered front end – to a length.

Beach Wave Hairstyles For Curly Hairstyles and Ample Strands Twists

Long Hairstyles With Volume

Hairstyle trend Big Hair! Who wants to bring more volume into her long hair, should sit on steps and blow-dry the hair with a round brush.

Hairstyle With Volume

Classic Long Hairstyle

The classic among long hairstyles: Compact cut in combination with a sleek middle parting. The hair is bundled and thus optically more volume.

Classic Long Hairstyle

Long Hair Pictures

Who has no natural curls, can help out with a curling iron and give her hair optically more volume.

Long Hairstyles With Bangs and Colored

Hairstyle for long hair

In a trendy sleek look, this hairstyle for long hair presents. To make the look pretty compact, the hair was cut to a length. The strict center parting completes the look perfectly.

Melisandre Ultra Long Hairstyles The Game Of Thrones

Ponytail with great

And here we have a great ponytail with great – just bring the pony or the front part with a round brush shape and fix with a clip on the top of the head. Tie the remaining hair into a ponytail, ready!

More about Ponytail Here

A stylish ponytail for long hairstyles

Colored Strands For Long Hair

The alternative to the Ombre Hair: block strands with contrast in color are a hit with the new long hairstyles and bring variety into the structure.

And here we show all the trend hairstyles 2020

Colored Strands For Long Hair

Long hairstyle for fine hair

This sleek long hairstyle is based on a graded transition and is ideal for fine hair.

Still hairstyles for fine hair on SheLookBook.Com!

Hair Products For Fine And Volume Less Hair

Long Hairstyles With Sophisticated Highlights

Long hairstyles are a real eye-catcher with a few sophisticated highlights.

And here we show you even more long hairstyles … And here you will find all hairstyles trends

Tangled Long Hairstyles with slightly messy hippy style

Ideal as a Party Long Hairstyles

The desire to bring some variety in the long hairstyles? A hair pillow on the top of the head can also style thin hair and this trick brings new momentum in long hair. The look is also ideal as a party hairstyle.

Hairstyle Ideas Semi-Open Braid Blond Bruenett Ombre

The Perfect Ponytail

The perfect ponytail comes in 2014 with a colorful trick, because Ombre Hair provides here for a grandiose look. Of course, you are allowed to trick and work with a piece of hair. But if you already have really long hair, you get this ponytail best with a flat iron.

Hairpins Ponytail Hairstyle Smooth Hair

Rocky Long Hairstyles

Long Hairstyles are currently rocking again! Anyone who trusts her hair – you know, long hair must be very healthy for that – can join in the light blond trend.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley middle plated slicked long Hairstyles on the red carpet

Long Blond Hair

this hairstyle soft steps and magical waves, as well as a dynamic side parting, makes the long, blond hair a seductive eye-catcher.

Blonde Hair Coloring Trends

Optically Bring More Volume Into The Hair

Who wants to put her long hair feminine and elegant in the scene, can conjure up with a curling iron more structure and volume in the hair. The warm, rich brown color completes this hair creation perfectly.

Blonde Hairstyles Trend Voluminous Look For Fall Winter Hair

Nostalgic Long Hairstyle

These nostalgic long hairstyles are based on lush waves that you can re-styling with curlers.

And here we have even more retro hairstyles for restyling

For a very bohemian hairstyles result, it crumples the whole hair. We can even add a bandana in her hair for the most nostalgic 70s. (Jean-Louis David)

Strands of Long Hairstyles

This long-haired hairstyle by Sassoon surprises more with its coloring than with the cut: different-colored highlights run through the entire hair, especially the purple highlights in the lower part of the long hair.

Long-Haired Hairstyles

Models With Long Hair

On the catwalk, you can currently see feminine waves and lush side vertexes. The long hairstyles of the models fall soft and voluminous. Those who have straight hair naturally get the look fast and easy with a curling iron.

Bright Dress With Fur Jacket and Long Hairstyles With Bangs For Fall-Winter Fashion By Marsala

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