Make a Christmas Card With Pearls - 14 Great, Original And Simple Ideas To Imitate • She Look Book Make a Christmas Card With Pearls - 14 Great, Original And Simple Ideas To Imitate • She Look Book Make a Christmas Card With Pearls - 14 Great, Original And Simple Ideas To Imitate • She Look Book

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Make a Christmas Card With Pearls – 14 Great, Original And Simple Ideas To Imitate

Make a Christmas Card With Pearls – 14 Great, Original And Simple Ideas To Imitate

Make a Christmas Card With Pearls – 14 Great, Original And Simple Ideas To Imitate
December 14
11:26 2017

In a previous article, we have put together some great ideas for you how to make original Christmas cards with beaded beads. Anyone who has decided on a great, handmade surprise for her, dear people for Christmas, is definitely right with a homemade Christmas card.

In the following post, we have provided further inspiration for Christmas crafts. Especially beautiful looks a Christmas card with pearls. Especially if you like to tinker with pearls, the pearl treasures are a great crafting material in winter and on different occasions.

Beads Paper Muffin Fir Tree

If you want to make a nice Christmas card with pearls, you need cardboard or craft paper in the desired color, craft glue and of course the pretty pearls. Whether you prefer to use self-adhesive beads for your Christmas crafts or wax pearls, is entirely up to you. These are the basic craft materials that create a personal and creative Christmas card. Fold a folding card in the desired size first and choose a great Christmas theme for your card.

Christmas Card With Beads Paper Muffin Fir Tree

Pearls Tonka

How about a discreetly decorated Christmas tree as a winter motif for your homemade Christmas card with pearls? With a fir-tree template, you can quickly cut out a beautiful Christmas tree or craft paper tree and decorate it to your heart’s content.

Loop Christmas Card With Pearls Tonka

Beads Fabric Fir-Tree Design

Now you can fix the beads with liquid craft glue criss-cross on the tree. Stick an asterisk to the top of the tree or tie an elegant bow in a matching color that you also stick to the card. And your handmade card will bring a great party mood. Following the same procedure, you can create a fir tree with chic pearl jewelry from other craft materials, such as fabric or felt.

Beads Fabric Fir-Tree Design Christmas Crafts With Children

Beads Rhinestone

This is undoubtedly another attractive idea if you want to make Christmas cards. Those who like to paint and conjure up great works of art with a pen in hand could draw an abstract, modern or even traditional Christmas tree on the card. It is completely up to you whether the tree is made of filigree lines or rather correspond to the classic idea of Christmas tree. Decorated with self-adhesive beads, the self-made Christmas card with pearls is done in an instant.

Christmas Tree Painted Congratulatory Beads Rhinestone

Beads Gluing Garland Ornaments

When making Christmas cards, you can let your imagination run wild and make different ornaments with sparkling beads. You are welcome to use the pearls in a wintery color only as an accent on your Christmas card or use them completely for the design of a festive motif. A garland of colorful craft paper gets an elegant touch through the use of pearls and looks quite solemn.

Beads Gluing Garland Ornaments Christmas Crafts With Children

Tinker Beads Text Ribbon Christmas Balls

For a perfect shape, you can also use a paper circle as a template. The final touch is your Christmas card with pearls with a beautiful bow, which you stick above the circle.

Christmas Cards Tinker Beads Text Ribbon Christmas Balls

Beads Thread Crafts Christmas Tree

If you like to make jewelry out of pearls yourself, you can also use this technique when designing the Christmas cards. The embroidery cards for Christmas are a great craft project. And if you expand the embroidery technique and incorporate tiny beads, your Christmas card with pearls will be a real eye-catcher. Simply pierce the desired motif and give shape and shape to the desired figure with needle and thread. If you are looking for ideas for Christmas crafts with children, you will bring the eyes of the little ones to shine with such a project.

Beads Thread Christmas Crafts Christmas Tree

Beads Stamping Fabric Paper

If you want to use materials from nature while crafting Christmas cards and combine them with tiny beads, you can use the picture above as inspiration. Here a branch with leaves was dipped in color and used on a piece of cloth as a stamp. This original alternative to the Christmas tree has been adorned with handmade colorful beaded garlands. The recipient will certainly be fascinated by the homemade gift.

Christmas Tree Crafts Christmas Card With Beads Stamping Fabric Paper

Clay Carton Pearl Ornament

Christmas cards can also be made by the younger children. Depending on your age, they may need your help. If the little ones cannot cope with the embroidery, you may be able to cut out a cardboard Christmas tree and have the child dye it. Take a piece of yarn and thread beads, asterisks and hearts, and let the little hands wrap the yarn around the Christmas tree.

Clay Carton Pearl Ornament Christmas Cards Crafts With Children

Beads Thread Ornaments

Give the Christmas symbol a lettering “Merry Christmas” or “Merry Christmas” and the Christmas card is finished with pearls and an attractive shape. If you provide the greeting card with a loop at the top, it can also be used as jewelry for the Christmas tree. A Christmas card with pearls can be spiced up with a special effect, in which you thread the beads so that they can easily be moved to the side.

Embroidery Yarn Christmas Tree Beads Thread Ornaments

Ornaments Snowflakes

If you would like to make a pompous and elaborately decorated Christmas card, you can first thread the beads and stick the resulting pearl garland in any shape using craft glue. Snow-covered mountains, icicles, and beautiful snowflakes are thematically suitable motifs that can easily be recreated. With practice, you will also succeed in writing out numbers. A good way to wish a happy new year, do not you think?

Beads Fir Tree Ornaments Jeans Ornaments Snowflakes

Beads Lettering

With a motivational punch, you can effortlessly design unique Christmas cards. Fold a folding card made of white cardboard first. Take a light blue craft paper and punch out several snowflakes side by side in an irregular shape. Glue the colored paper and attach a few beads to the edge of the card. With a beautiful lettering provided, the homemade Christmas card will bring your heartfelt wish to the beautiful feast.

Make Your Own Christmas Cards Decorate Beads Lettering

Snowflakes Punch Wreaths

You can also reuse the filigree punched out snowflakes to create a no less beautiful card for Christmas. A wreath of paper snowflakes is made quickly. If you want to create an elegant and elegant touch, the use of small pearls would be an excellent way to make the homemade map original and attractive. Stick the pearls in the middle of the snowflakes and make the Christmas card even more individual with a sweet message.

Snowflakes Punch Wreaths Christmas Cards Make Yourself

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