The Winter 2021 Makeup Beauty Trends To Adopt For Total Nude Skin • She Look Book The Winter 2021 Makeup Beauty Trends To Adopt For Total Nude Skin • She Look Book The Winter 2021 Makeup Beauty Trends To Adopt For Total Nude Skin • She Look Book

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The Winter 2021 Makeup Beauty Trends To Adopt For Total Nude Skin

The Winter 2021 Makeup Beauty Trends To Adopt For Total Nude Skin

The Winter 2021 Makeup Beauty Trends To Adopt For Total Nude Skin
January 14
20:20 2021

The makeup beauty trends fall-winter 2021 will be light and sophisticated. Smoky eyes ultra-black, multicolor liner, graphic kohl pencil, pastel eyeshadow, bicolor mouth, pop or 100% black: accentuate her eyes or mouth, you should choose! Skin side up in total nude look. Some of the makeup beauty trends to adopt this winter!

Makeup Beauty Trends in 2021 to adopt

Makeup Beauty Trends

The Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2021 ends and leaves us a long list of beauty trends to adopt.

This year, next makeup, the focus is on black doe eyes either on a pop luscious mouth. It must choose between the two if the paint bucket effect is insured!

The makeup complexion remains sober and very light for a very natural effect good mine.
As for your hair, you will not miss this winter hairstyle idea: crown braid, twisted bun, short bob, one shoulder or twist…

Not to mention the crazy nail art and dark manicure glamor of winter. To you the blue ink shades, dark green, brown, black matte or glitter varnish.

Here are our heart beauty shots to be adopted for the autumn-winter 2021:

Focus on Mouth

The black mouth: intense, glamorous and 100% rock, girls, this winter we will have to dare to ultra black mouth.

The two-color mouth: spotted on Castelbajac fashion shows, the two-tone mouth will be divided to infinity. What spice up your look this season?

The spangled mouth: sequins are back on the shows and especially on the lips. Choose sequined lips to shine in the evening.

The mouth lees of wine: winter will not happen without displaying color mouth lees of wine. The red lip trend of autumn-winter 2018 to adopt emergency.

Pop pink mouth: the flashy colors on the lips are not only suitable for the summer. Winter also lends itself to the game of sour mouths.

Focus On Eyes

The colored liner: it is the trend makeup autumn-winter 2021 eyes to enhance your look. Blue, pink, and green, yellow: we dare pop colors on the eyelids this winter.

The graph kohl pencil: This season signs the great return of the famous kohl pencil on the eyes. But beware, it is not enough to draw a thin line below the eye, it is now to make graphics features so Picasso.

The pastel eyeshadow: in order to enlarge and brighten your look, go for eyeshadow color pastel winter.

The ultra black smoky eyes: the smoky eyes are not ready to go out of fashion this season. It will be thick and deep black … doe eye effect guaranteed!

The eyelid iridescent shade: marked on the parades, the iridescent eye shadow will sublimate your look without going overboard. Perfect for day and evening, for a glamorous and sophisticated look.

Focus On the Nude Complexion

A nude complexion so if the makeup trend Fall-Winter 2018 is colored to the eyes or mouth, makeup complexion remains light and very natural. The nude color is perfect to sport a healthy glow all winter.

Dress Up Your Nails

The Blanco manicure: the Blanco manicure your nails will dress this season and set the tone for your winter looks.

The glitter top coat: manicures winter will glitter and will shine a thousand lights. The top coat glitter wears limitless!

The orange lacquer: add a little pep to your winter look by playing with orange hues in the nails.

Dark nails: ink, brick, dark green, matte black, the nails will be very dark this winter with a very sophisticated result.

And hairstyle? All trends hairstyle in 2021 to discover in our special hairstyle in 2021.

Beauty Trends 2021: You should know these

2021 will be anything but boring when it comes to beauty! Bright colors and tried and tested classics are coming back. Find out more here!

Woman with eye make-up and glitter dress standing

You’ll be trendy in 2021 with these looks. Which is your favorite

We love putting on make-up and trying new things. There is exciting news, especially when it comes to eye make-up! Red and brick-colored tones remain popular, but those who like to draw an eyeliner should take a particularly careful look at one of the three most important trends. We already love him very much!

Lip Gloss

Yes, lip gloss is both a blessing and a curse. It gives our lips a great look, but at the latest, after the first kiss or the first sip from a glass, it no longer sticks to our lips. The wind also likes to ensure that individual strands of our hair stick to our lips forever.

Menno! Nonetheless, lip gloss is one of the biggest beauty trends of 2021 and an indispensable part of any beauty case.

Neon Eyeliner

In 2021, eyeliners will no longer just be drawn in black. Especially with neon-colored eyeliner, you are totally trendy!

We also have to admit that this trend is not necessarily suitable for everyday use or school, but the look is quite wearable to a party and just looks stunning!

Emphasized Lower Eye Area

Eyeshadow is now also applied eccentrically under the lower lashes, creating even more drama! You are also welcome to combine two matching eyeshadow tones and continue the darker one on the lower lash line.

Another tip: always apply the darker color on the inside! This will visually enlarge your eye.

Photos Source © Imaxtree

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