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Top 10 Makeup Trends For Autumn Winter 2018, Which Should Not Be Missed

Top 10 Makeup Trends For Autumn Winter 2018, Which Should Not Be Missed

Top 10 Makeup Trends For Autumn Winter 2018, Which Should Not Be Missed
January 29
17:47 2018

On the other hand, new makeup techniques like “Upside Down” and Two-Tone lips make real statements.

Makeup Trends 2018: Dark Lips

The lipstick trends for autumn and winter 2018 are based on a wide range from rosé to black and red. Nuances, which are reminiscent of fruity berries, red wine, and chocolate, give the look vamp flair. Dark peach tones look great with a light complexion, while to olive skin a brown lipstick fits. You should make the eyes rather discreet makeup.

Makeup Trends Autumn Dark Lips Vamp Look


Two-Tone is nothing new. The trend has been spreading in the fashion and beauty sectors for two to three years. Dip-Dye and Ombre are a great example of this. At this year’s spring/summer shows, makeup artists presented the Two-Tone Lips.

Different colors such as orange and pink are applied on the upper and lower lip. For the autumn, however, dark red and dark violet is better. By the way, the beauty industry has already reacted to the trendy trend of the Two-Tone Lips and launched two-color lipsticks that promise a harmonious Ombre effect.

Makeup Trends Fall Winter Two Tone Lips

Makeup Trends 2018: Mauve Eyeshadow

But Mauve is now on everyone’s lips.

The new trend tone stands between red and violet and really flatters every skin tone. Mauve colored lipsticks are best combined with Smokey-Eyes in brown tones. Mauve is also suitable as an eyeshadow.

Makeup Trends Fall Mauve Eye Shadow

Halo Eyes

On Instagram and Co., Halo Eyes is an absolute long-lasting incendiary. At the edge of the eye and in the inner corner of the eye, the darker eyeshadow is used. The bright eye shadow in the middle makes your eyes more alert and your eyes open.

Makeup Trends Fall Winter Eye Halo Manual Eye Shadow

The color selection is completely up to you. The look is best with shimmering or glittering eyeshadows. You can also set beautiful accents by applying some glitter in dabbing motions up and down.

Metallic Eyes

In the next season, it may sparkle on the eyelids! Shimmering metallic tones in the colors of the rainbow make the eyes even more radiant and give the look more depth and expression. From light shimmer to dramatic Smokey eye look – metallic eye shadow is available in different intensities. If the Metallic-Eyes trend seems too glamorous, eyeliner with a shimmering effect can get itself and set individual accents.

Metallic Eyes Makeup Trend

In the metallic trend, it is important to choose the correct eye shadow tone for your eye color because the shimmer will attract even more attention to the eyes. Green eyes harmonize bronze and gold tones very well. Even brown eyes can be emphasized beautifully with a slight gold glimmer. Bright pink and blue shades are perfect for brown eyes.

Peach lids

The colors of our eye makeup are also warmer in autumn! This year, an eye shadow tone is particularly popular: Peach. The different peach nuances range from light orange to peach pink to coral. Whether it’s subtle, matte or glitter – peach – colored eye shadows look perfect in a summer and autumn style and conjure up a radiant, wary look.

Important for the look: The rogue should be color coordinated. Pink rouge to the orange tone is a no-go. The lips are painted in soft nude tones.

Makeup Trends Autumn-Orange Eye Shadow Nude Lips

Upside Down Makeup And Blue Eye Shadow

Without a little drama around the eyes, however, the makeup trends 2018 are not enough. The focus is on the lower eyelid. In the coming is the “upside down” eye makeup, with the lower eyelids with kajal and co.

In addition, the blue eyeshadow celebrates a revival! Just take a kajal pencil and an eye shadow in the same blue tone and apply it under your eye. Blur the kajal line lightly with a brush and veneer with the eye shadow. In combination with a nude-colored lipstick, the look looks stunning.

Makeup Trends Blue Eye Shadow Upside Down

Graphic Eyeliner And Eye-Catching Eyebrows

Eyeliner stroke in a very graphical version is currently right. The creativity is free. Whether graphic cat eyes, double and two-color lines, broken lines or classic with a curved swallow tail. Everything is possible.

Graphic Eyeliner Black

Wanted Broken Lines

Through geometric eyeliner creations at the edge of the eye as well as in the inner corner of the eye, broken lines develop, which also have a somewhat futuristic effect. Meanwhile also Eyeliner points on the lower eyelash ring, so-called Dot Eyeliner, the social media platforms conquer.
Celebrity eyeliner Indeed, After the most spectacular hairstyles Met Ball up to a makeup trend

Makeup In The Style Of The 60s

For the Chanel Haute Couture Show Fall-Winter 2018 at the Paris Fashion Week in March, the make-up artists decided for a look that looked feminine as striking. The models had a dramatic eye makeup, inspired by the 60s Supermodel Twiggy, topped with lavishly decorated headbands.

Twiggy Eyelashes Retro Look

The black eyeliner line in the eyelid fold is also typical of her look. Next, you take a black eyelid pencil and paint a semicircular arch in the eyelid fold. Use a fine eyeliner pen to draw eyeliner. The highlight is the painted under-lashes, which make the eyes look bigger.

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