32 Makeup Trends To Adopt In The Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2019


The makeup trends of spring summer 2019 are already identified. The program for the summer season? XXL eyebrows, full blue eyes, red on the lips, a makeup look manga fashion and neo liner. So for inspiration spring makeup trends summer 2018 2019, click!

Hardly begun fall, we think of summer, the season of light. Fashion Weeks and force, we are already cleated on makeup trends for spring summer 2019.

How will we make up? We have the answer.

Makeup spring summer 2019: the mouth

Upon the arrival of summer, the mouth will be flashy, glossy, sexy. Level colors, red, red and redder. Or anything that comes close. Out the blue to Kylie Jenner, in coral, the franc rose, carmine red. Also, dare mouth tie & dye red and fuschia.

Whatever, as long as the lips asserted, assumed while sensuality.

And if you’re torn between a matte lipstick and bright lipstick, the good news is that in the spring, no need to choose. 2 will bang on trend.

Makeup trends eyes in spring-summer 2019

Blue and full glitter eyes.

In the spring, let alone summer, the sky is blue and eyes sparkle.

Translating words make-up? We opted for a smoky blue ocean or a 100% glitter eyelid.

An even more sublime trend black skin!

The soft pastel.

Notice to fans dared makeup. The trend of spring was put forward more gentle pastel shades on our peepers with smoky declined in the green version of water or even fuchsia pink!

Difficult to assume, certainly, but really impacting.

Neo liner.

If the line of classic eyeliner along the lash is still relevant, rather spring summer 2018 brings modernity and avant-garde in the spotlight.

In practical terms, this translates into a metallic eyeliner to the inner corner of the eye, or a white eyeliner, bright.

In fact, it dares all eccentricities graphics: a lid decorated with a shade green eyes, blue or fuchsia, a trait XXL … In short, as the heart desires!

In spring-summer 2019, the complexion will be nude, nude, nude

It seems that the creators of the Fashion Week spring-summer 2019 have passed the word. In 2019, your complexion will or will not be nude.

Natural is on the front of the stage, just with a hint of pink blush or highlighter well placed.

Just control the draping and strobing. No more no less.

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The Metal Eye Makeup To Adopt In The Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2019

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