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The Mask of Pregnancy, What Is it?

Pregnant, your face has suddenly adorned with brown spots? Do not worry, this phenomenon is well known and is called “mask of pregnancy.” To better understand why it is and know how to prevent it, follow our advice.

Mask of Pregnancy

what is it The mask of pregnancy?

The mask of pregnancy or chloasma is hyperpigmentation, which often occurs during pregnancy. Know that affects about 70% of pregnant women, mostly brown. In fact, from the 4th month of pregnancy, brown pigmented plates more or less regular shapes appear on the forehead, temples and cheeks. They spring after sun exposure.

It is the sharp increase in female hormone levels caused by pregnancy that is at the origin. Among other changes, the pregnant woman’s body begins to increase the synthesis of melanin. The skin faster bronze, and where the pigment cells are the most numerous, brown spots appear. The phenomenon also occurs in young women taking birth control pills containing estrogen and progestin.

How to prevent pregnancy mask?

If the mask of pregnancy has not yet appeared, the better it is to try to stay out, or so beneath large hats. Do not leave your sunblock (index 50), to carefully apply on the body and face. Remember to reapply every 2 hours.

Know that the mask of pregnancy is not serious, but it can cause you some inconvenience aesthetic, which is why prevention is better than cure. And if darker skins are more involved, do not neglect prevention even if you have very fair skin (it remains fragile facing the sun).

The mask of pregnancy appeared, what to do?

Do not worry, the mask of pregnancy customarily disappear in the months following childbirth, as quickly as it appeared. But in some cases, it may happen that endures. In this case, consult a dermatologist, she may prescribe medicated creams depigmentation. It is also advisable to change the birth control pill or after childbirth, not to see the phenomenon repeat itself.

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