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“Mom, I’m Sorry”: The Son Of Supermodel Cindy Crawford Got A Tattoo On His Face (PHOTO)

The 20-year-old son of the legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford – Presley Gerber – did an unexpected act! On his Instagram, he showed a photo that shows that he got a tattoo on his face. All details are further in the material!

Presley Gerber boasted on the social network that Misunderstood (“misunderstood”) was now embossed on his face under his right eye.

In one of their photos, the supermodel’s son thanked his master, Johnboy. Interestingly, he also tattoos Kendall Jenner, Justin and Haley Bieber, and many other young stars.

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Thanks homie 😈 @jonboytattoo

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In the frame, Gerber poses in a hoodie from the Social Social Club, bright orange sweatpants and an olive hat from the skate brand Stussy.

Another shot of a celebrity son signed:

Sorry mom.

Note that Presley Gerber, like his younger sister Kaya, has enough body tattoos. Interestingly, they often stuffed them “for company”, accompanying each other to the tattoo parlor.

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