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Nail Art Fashion For a Party

Nail Art Fashion For a Party
Nail Art Fashion For a Party

All women would want to always look good on any occasion especially when attending special events such as a party. Appearance from head to toe must also be considered.

One part of the body that need attention and is decorated nails. Nail is often forgotten in makeup but basically nail has an important role in the appearance.

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One way to decorate your nails in order to look beautiful is by way of nail art. Nail art is the art of decorating the nails that look beautiful and different.

Nail art is now quite diverse. Nail art is also appropriate for us who want to look beautiful while attending a party or on a special moment in order to look different.

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Materials for nail art was already quite diverse. Some examples are nail polish, nail stickers, small sequins, gliter, staple nails and many others.

To obtain beautiful nail art for parties we can go to the center of nail art installation services. However, there’s nothing wrong if we try to also make their own nail art and creativity to beautify your nails.

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One easy way to decorate your nails for the party will be discussed here.

1. Nail polish red, white, and green, or can be adjusted to taste.
2. Top coat and base coat.
3. Toothpicks and cotton bud
4. Nail polish remover

As for the installation process as well as tips among others:

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  1. Make sure that before you start our nails were clean, dry, and healthy.
  2. Apply a protective base coat nail.
  3. Apply white nail polish on the nails and allow it to dry.
  4. Painting the nails with nail polish colorful with the help of a toothpick allow it to dry.
  5. Apply top coat so nails look beautiful and shiny and the color is more durable.

If we make a mistake when applying nail polish and the nail around use a cotton swab that has been smeared with nail polish remover to clean it. So that the former will clean nail polish.

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If we want a more unique we can experiment with different colors gliter, small beads, nail stickers and much more. To beautify your nails it is not difficult anymore right?

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