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Nail Art In Autumn Itself Make With Patterns And Motifs – 6 Instructions

The autumn with its many colorful colors is the perfect theme for the design of the nails. If the weather outside is so bad, you can at least with a glance at the fingernails raise the mood and make for a good mood. There are many different possibilities. On the one hand, you can choose a simple monochrome design in a matching autumn color.

These ranges from classic yellow, orange, red and brown to purple, Bordeaux, Burgundy and warm metallic colors. On the other hand, combinations of several colors and patterns can be selected or even autumn motifs can be drawn. We would like to introduce some inspiring ideas for the nail art in autumn. Thus, shortly after the beginning of the autumn, you have a small selection of suggestions and instructions.

Nail Art In Autumn – Make An Elegant Nail Design By You

If you want it to be elegant and modern, you can choose a geometric nail design in autumn. You can get this in just three simple steps. Below you will find a tutorial for the geometric pattern shown, but of course, you can play with the colors as well as with the pattern itself. Also, the pattern does not necessarily have to be the same on all nails, but it is recommended to use the same nail polish colors and not too many of them.

Nail Art In Autumn Geometric Pattern Modern Elegant White Gold Nude

For this nail art guide for autumn, the colors white, gold and a skin color were chosen. The first layer is the white lacquer, with which you design the entire nail. Then paint the nail tips diagonally. Do not forget to keep each layer dry.

Finally, the golden nail polish is the turn. For fixing, a transparent lacquer is recommended. Then keep your autumn nails longer. Straight lines are obtained by masking each color layer with the aid of adhesive tape and pulling it off before drying the lacquer.

Pumpkin Shape

One of the first motifs you can think of in autumn is probably the pumpkins. Playful and stylish at the same time, these can adorn the fingernails when you choose them for the nail art in autumn. And they are not even difficult to draw and can also be designed for beginners. First, choose a base color as a base coat. In the example above, Beige has been selected, for the design below an Ombre blue-tinted design spotted with a sponge. This layer allows them to dry.

First, choose a base color as a base coat. In the example above, Beige has been selected, for the design below an Ombre blue-tinted design spotted with a sponge. This layer allows them to dry.

Nail Art Autumn Pumpkin Idea Blue Green Metallic Halloween

Now you can paint the gourds with a thin brush. Start with the orange fruit, let it dry and add some lines in lighter orange or beige tones. If the pumpkins are dried, add some green leaves and you are finished with the autumn nail art. For this nail art in the fall, you can decorate one or several pumpkins on each finger, or decorate only one and leave the other simple.

Nail Art In Autumn With Leaves

Leaf leaves are another suitable motif, which can be designed in autumn colors. And even these motifs are not difficult even for beginners. As a background, choose a bright autumn color like a pastel yellow or beige to make the leaves look better.

Since you will paint several leaves on a nail, it is advisable to choose only one or two nails, so that the overall look of the nail art is not too chaotic in the autumn. You have the choice between different leaf shapes such as maple leaves, oak leaves, chestnut leaves or others. The other nails you can spice up with a subtle glitter effect in gold or copper.

Nail Art Autumn Leaves Yourself Making Pastel Yellow Glittering Ideas

Extravagant Nail Art Design For Autumn With Feathers

If you like something more unusual or just want to try something new, you can also try this idea for Nail art in autumn. You need 10 feathers in autumn colors, as well as an autumnal nail varnish, a topcoat and a transparent varnish, scissors and a file. Apply the colored varnish first, allow it to dry and continue with a layer of top lacquer. Lay this layer on only one finger, as long as it is still moist, the spring must be attached.

Let the top coat dry and cut off the excess part of the feather (on the length of the nails or leaving the feather slightly longer to optically lengthen the nail, but the design does not last long). You also repeat the whole thing with the other fingers. Finally, fix the spring with a clear coat.

Nail Art Autumn Extravagant Brand Design Feather Brown Blue Gray

Autumnal Nails With Autumn Trees

These motifs do not have to be drawn perfectly, which is why even beginners can try. The undercoat was a beautiful Dilaton with metallic shimmer, but any other dark autumn color is suitable. With beige and brown, after the purple varnish is dried, draw a stem and branches on the nails. This strain can consist of simple strokes. Let the brown tones dry as well, and then turn to the colorful foliage.

Whether orange, yellow, red or another autumn color, this does not matter for the autumn nails. With a dotting tool, you take a color and shape some points on the branches. Then continue with a second and third color, giving each color time to dry. Let some branches glimmer through. Close with a clear lacquer.

Nail Art Autumn Leaves Tree Paint Purple Metallic

Simple Nail Art In Autumn

Simple and elegant and perfect as an evening manicure is also suitable for this idea. From a simple white nail polish and glitter in gold or copper, you can create a beautiful design that on the other hand is autumnal and on the other hand is not too obtrusive. And the idea for a nail art in autumn is also made simple.

Apply a white nail polish. As soon as it is dried, proceed with a translucent one, but only the fingers that you create with glitter one by one. Paint the nail and apply some glitter with a brush, then gently spread over the nail. The area below should get more glitter than the middle area, while the tips remain white. For this purpose, you can also apply the transparent varnish only as far as half of the nail.

white nail polish

Give yourself a little break in which you let the paint dry. Using a clean brush or a hair dryer, remove the excess glitter and seal the nail with another layer of clear lacquer.

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