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How To Make a Spray for Natural Beach Curls

Natural beach curls look: Smooth waves with salt spray

The summer hairstyle that never goes out of fashion: Beach Waves Blake Lively or the Olsen Twins are not that difficult if you follow the advice of an expert

They are easy and casual – the beach waves. Originally they are created after bathing in the sea: The wet hair is drying in the sun, in between, you run your fingers through your hair, sun cream lets them stick together. And exactly this look is loved by many women.

However, without first splashing in the sea. We show you how it works at home.

Style beach waves yourself

Your hair should be freshly washed. It is best to resort to a cleansing shampoo that frees your hair from all styling residues.

The special thing about the beach waves is: they should not look perfect. No wave maybe like the other. Almost perfect imperfect.

Version 1: With volume mousse + diffuser

  1. If you have washed your hair fresh, then add some volume mousse with a coarse comb into towel-dried hair. Important: Do not comb your hair first!
  2. Divide the hair into a center parting and blow-dry it. Our tip: Use a diffuser attachment, which gives you more volume. If you have a lot of time, let your hair dry in the air, the beach waves will be even more beautiful.
  3. Apply some heat protection to your hair and divide it around the head into three parts. Temporarily secure these parts with staples.
  4. Now start at the bottom hair part. Turn individual strands one after the other around a curling iron, preferably away from the face. Hold the stick vertically and wrap strand by strand around it. Hold your hair at the end with your fingers.
  5. Warm the hair for about 5 seconds and remove the strand from the curling iron. Pull something at the end of the lock of hair to loosen the shaft.
  6. The same procedure you do with the other two parts of the hair. However, turn the strands of the middle part in the other direction to create an undone effect.

Beach Waves loosen up

When you’re done with the curling iron, loosen up your hair by running your fingers through it. If necessary, you can repair individual curls once again. If you want more volume at the base, you can add some volume powder to the middle hairline. With a little hair wax, you can put individual strands on the tips in scene.

For the perfect beach waves, you should not miss a little salt spray: it on hair and knead gently.

Make Sea Salt Spray yourself

Beach Waves
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If you want to do the styling spray, the beach waves instead of buying expensive products.

then here is the recipe for you:

  • One spray bottle
  • 1 tbsp hair gel
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons salt
  • 1 Β½ cups of warm water

Warm the oil in a water bath. Then put all the ingredients in the spray bottle. If the coconut oil should settle after some time, then heat the bottle briefly, for example with a hair dryer, and shake well. Already the spray is like new again.

Beach Waves: Mark Townsend gives expert tips

One who knows the coveted beach waves is star hairdresser Mark Townsend. He regularly provides stars with perfect-fitting hairstyles. His specialty: Beach Waves!

New Beach Waves – in seven steps

Compared to “E! News”, the expert explained his approach in seven simple steps. For his “New Beach Waves,” Townsend recommends using a curling iron with two heating rods. The waves are therefore best incorporated into the hair when it is unprocessed. So: Just wash, heat protects, let it dry and go!

In the next step, strand by strand is worked. First, the upper hair is fixed at the top with brackets on the head, the lower hairs are formed with the curling iron to large waves.

Then the covering hair is off: Here each strand is rotated in the form of an eight between the two heating elements. If all the strands are formed into waves, Townsend’s next tip comes into play.

The Beach Waves fixes the star hairdresser with dry shampoo. For the finish, he uses sea salt spray, which is first sprayed into the hands and then worked into the hair. Done is the beach waves look Γ  la Blake Lively.

Find out how in just 3 steps to make a trendy natural beach curls…

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Ingredients For Diy Natural Beach Curls

  1. 1 cup hot water
  2. 2 tablespoons of bitter salt
  3. 1/2 tablespoons plain or Himalayan sea salt
  4. 1 teaspoon of aloe Vera gel
  5. 1 / 2 tablespoons conditioner plant-based or a few drops of almond or jojoba oil
  6. 3 drops of lavender oil or lemon

Preparation Spray as Beach Curls

Natural Beach Curls

First: The glass spray bottle fill with water or tea add Epsom salt and sea salt and shake the mixture.

2nd: The mixture now add the other ingredients of aloe Vera gel conditioner a few drops of essential oil of your choice and finally if you decide to lighten your hair add the lemon juice and vodka.

3rd: Close the bottle and shake the contents for 1-2 minutes until the salt has dissolved to an end and the ingredients merge. Your DIY spray trendy curls as the beach is ready for use. Spray trendy wild curls can easily do you with the help of natural ingredients”


  1. Made spray kept at room temperature
  2. Shake it before use
  3. Shelf Life DIY spray is 3-4 months.


First: Wild curls Apply to wet hair spray wrap it in a towel and leave to dry. After 15 minutes remove the towel and let the curls to fall freely just like wearing them Brazilian model Gisele Budchen.

2nd: For disheveled look on the tops and the root dried hair apply spray and rub it well with your fingers. In this way you will achieve volume and hotchpotch hairstyles which recently elected world celebrities such as actress Kate Hudson.

World-famous stars like Kate Hudson, Karlie Kloss, Gisele Budchen lover are trendy natural beach curls.

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