Short Haircuts – 30 New Beautiful Cut For 2020 + Bowl Cut, Pixie Cut


Why not short haircuts our long hair cravings? Between the bowl cut, pixie short haircut, you will definitely a heart for one of the short haircuts trends 2020.

Check out our photo slide short haircuts here!

Those who say “new haircut for a new life” has not totally wrong.

If you fancy a haircut radically different, why not opt for a short cut?

And then it’s good, the short haircut is one of the hairstyles trends of the moment.

Other reasons to succumb?

The shortcut has many, but then very many opportunities for hairstyles.
And in addition, it has many advantages.

The maintenance of short hair:

As highlighted by the professionals at Schwarzkopf, with short cuts “Exit endless hairdressing sessions and range of roller, round brush, and curling iron. Most short haircuts are easy to style.”

A hairdryer, a flat brush, ten fingers, a little mousse or gel, and you’re dressed for busy mornings.

Of course, the cut must be refreshed regularly, every four to six weeks. But a good hairdresser will work for your hair snaps perfectly in place alone, without your intervention. “

The shortcut is for whom?

Bad news for all those who were hiding behind the excuse that “the shortcut, it will not get me!” it’s wrong. This haircut, it will (almost) everyone.

Already, it allows highlighting facial features!

And if you do not like the contours of your face, the shortcut will shape it:

  • – For a square face, you favor tapered short hairstyles that will make your young and female face.
  • – If you have a long face, you can choose a bowl cut or a cut with the volume on top of the head to soften the features.
  • – If you have a broad forehead, think about the fringe short haircut and conversely, if you have a low forehead, feel free to press the wick from front to back with a wet look effect.
  • – Finally, if you have an oval face, you can choose a short haircut with bangs XXL why not wavy …

29. Ultra Short Haircut For Women’s Over 50 Age


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