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Eye Makeup With Blue Shades Of Two Versions For New Year’s Eve

Eye makeup with blue shades on New Year’s eve every girl wants to look better than all of her potential rivals and for that, climbed the entire Internet for different pictures on eyes make-up in search of the most beautiful, she chooses the most appropriate for her. But then the question arises of how to do it if there is no detailed description of an illustrative example and step execution? We will fix this thing because our 2 versions of the New Year make-up is not only beautiful and suitable for any eye color but are easy to implement, if you’re going to do everything carefully and attentively.

Eye makeup with blue shades In Bright Look

We will need Pearle scent shade of blue with many shades of any firm, white and neon pencil from Pupa, also false eyelashes with black glue.

First of all, we are a little powder the eyelids for that would be imposed exactly the shade and the New Year’s makeup was held without a “swelling” to the evening.

Eye makeup with blue shades

We turn first to the shadows. On the upper eyelid moving brush we impose a bright blue shade while not going over the line between bending the upper movable fixed century.

Eye makeup with blue shades

Further, over the first layer of shadows without going to them from the border, we will use blue shadow but be sure to 3 tones darker than the first.

New Eye Make-Up In Two Versions With Shades Of Blue-03

In order for our mobile eyelids did not seem too gaudy against flesh-colored bone age, we “dilute” the make-up causing the eyelids to the fixed white pearl shade.

New Eye Make-Up In Two Versions With Shades Of Blue-04

With shadows we can say finished. Next, we need a white neon eyeliner that before you use, you need to sharpen the tip, so that our lines are clear and accurate.
This pencil we will hold the down arrow, not reaching the end of the inner corner of the eye, as we will summarize and upper eyelid. Now, from the outer corner if continuing up arrow we rounded shape superimposed shadows on the image as shown below.

New Eye Make-Up In Two Versions With Shades Of Blue-05

As a result, at the closing of the eyes, you should have a form here:

New Eye Make-Up In Two Versions With Shades Of Blue-06

Our New Year’s make-up or rather its first variation is almost complete, it remains only to glue false eyelashes or paint over her profusely and put on one eyelid under the eyebrow, repeating the bending a little rhinestones which is better to stick to the glue “Moment”.

New Eye Make-Up In Two Versions With Shades Of Blue-07

That’s ready to make our first New Year!

This is a more elegant but if you want to stay in the New Year’s Eve in a more daring way then the second option for you get down!

Circuit implementation of this embodiment is the same as the previous, however, instead of white pencil neon, we thin (!) Brush applies the same line on a bright blue shade of the same color as the first superimposed on the movable eyelid shadows. Here the end of the arrows we do not conclude in the middle as in the first embodiment but on the contrary, to extend right up to the bridge of the nose, slightly bending the tip down.

But there is nuance between the shadows and this arrow in the inner corner should remain a space! On the lower eyelid we impose the same fine brush the same bright blue shade, again extending but not wrapping, the arrow in the side.

New Eye Make-Up In Two Versions With Shades Of Blue-08

Just one small thing: the need to fill the space near the bridge of the nose between the arrow and shadow in the inner corner of the eye with white pearl shades to our view became more expressive.
“Voila!” Ready and the second version of your amazing make-up of the New Year. This festive evening eye makeup will not leave you not noticeable.

New Eye Make-Up In Two Versions With Shades Of Blue-09

By the way, both options can be safely used in a New Year’s Eve: 00:00 you reside in an elegant make-up as on option number 1 and after midnight you’re in a bright and fatally stabbing a glance option number 2. The choice is yours…

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