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Pack Jam For Christmas – Gift Ideas From The Kitchen Beautifully And Creatively Decorated

Pack Jam For Christmas – Gift Ideas From The Kitchen Beautifully And Creatively Decorated

Pack Jam For Christmas – Gift Ideas From The Kitchen Beautifully And Creatively Decorated
December 12
19:31 2017

You are a passionate amateur cook and would surprise your family and friends this Christmas with delicious gifts from the kitchen? If you also think that home-made is best, then you are in the right place. In the following article, we give you a great idea how to pack jam for Christmas. A delicious jam, which is lovingly and creatively packed, will guarantee the recipient twice as tasty. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas!

Clementine’s Jam Yourself Making Jam Jars Decorate

If you want to pack a homemade jam for Christmas, you have several design options to choose from. A label that you cut out of colored paper or cardboard would be our first suggestion. Punch through the label with the punch and thread a yarn or gift ribbon and tie it around the jam jar. If you have a nice handwriting, you can label the label yourself. Undoubtedly a nice way to wish someone “Merry Christmas”, do not you think?

Gift In Glass Ornate Mason Jars Decorating Label

Of course, if you do not find the time to put your creative ideas into jam packaging, you can of course access finished tags in a variety of shapes and designs and decorate jam jars. Pretty thematic etiquette for printing can also be found on the Internet. Great results and unusual shapes can also be achieved with stencils.

Create Your Own Christmas Ornaments Etiquette Ornaments

As an alternative to the pendants, there is the option of applying stickers when packing jam for Christmas. Whether you print label paper and then stick it to the mason jar or make the label yourself is entirely up to you. Wrapping paper with great festive ornaments or other winter motifs can be turned into a beautiful decoration for your homemade jam in a jiffy.

Stamp Jam Christmassy Packaging Label

Anyone who likes to work around and tinker knows that the simplest ideas are usually the best ones. With stamps, you can also decorate your homemade jam festively. If you have stamps with festive greetings or wintery motives, you can use these and decorate pretty the mason jars nicely. If that’s not the case, you do not need to buy any right now. From corks, you can also make great stamps with motifs.

Homemade Jam For Christmas Packaging Snowflakes

When it comes to decorating mason jars, you can give free rein to your imagination and conjure up cute etchings made of paper instead of etiquette, which adorn the glass beautifully and immediately evoke a great festive mood.

Gift Box To Christmas Cinnamon Sticks

If you not only want to give the gifted a tasteful treat but also create something for the eyes and the nose, then the idea from the picture above can serve as inspiration. Make a beautiful ribbon bow in colors that harmonize with the color of the jam and attach to it cinnamon sticks, rosemary twigs or the aromatic star anise.

Homemade Jam Christmassy Packaging Cookie Cutter Loop

The Christmas season is also the time when the delicious smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies is felt everywhere. Another exciting idea, if you pack the jam for Christmas, would be to extend the gift with a cookie cutter. A creative idea that not only looks beautiful but is also very practical. You can be sure that the patio cookies. the angel’s eyes or the other filled cookies are prepared exactly with your jam.

Ribbon Bow Mason Jars Decorate Christmas

If you are packaging gifts, you have often given the beautiful packaging the finishing touch with a magnificent bow. If you attach great importance to the elegant and simple look of the setting glasses, you can tie a pretty tuff bow and give the jam glass a special charm. The refined and elegant gift packaging will surely amaze you.

Garland Mooose Decoration Christmas Gift In Glass

If you want to decorate the jam jars in an original way, you can make a cute garland from the paper in several colors or foam rubber and wrap it around the glass. The presenter can also use such a snowflake garland for window decoration or hang it anywhere else in the apartment. In this way, you not only give away a tasty spread but also a great Christmas atmosphere.

Jam Christmas Packaging Jar Decoration

Who wants to decorate the homemade jam for Christmas, can also make the glass lid visually appealing. So you can put a jam hood over the lid and tie it with a color-matching tape. If you want to pack your gift from the kitchen rather naturally, you can use sisal or yarn.

Winter Motifs Christmas Tree Homemade Jam Packaging

You can easily make the jam hood yourself at home by cutting a circle out of wrapping paper, lace or colorful cloth remnants. Then place it on the glass lid and tie it with a ribbon. It’s that easy to find an original and charming packaging. And if the crafting material is provided with patterns that match the Christmas season, you will score points with your work of art.

Fir Green Deco Ornaments Paper Gift Packaging Fabric

If you spontaneously get an invitation, then the homemade jam is an ideal souvenir. If the wrapping paper is all you can also cut a piece of baking paper or even newsprint paper and also fasten it with an attractive ribbon or bakers’ thread. Rubber band in a fresh and bright color gives the jam hood a great colorful touch.

Winter-Colored Bow Gift Packaging Jam Decorate Jar

If you always like to buy colored and beautifully patterned napkins and always have them in stock at home, you can also convert them into a beautiful bonnet, with which you can decorate the jam for Christmas. A fascinating and undoubtedly creative packaging for the homemade jam you can tinker from colorful muffin paper cups.

Gecko Ribbon Socks Winter Motive Gifts Pack

The design options for gift packaging are almost endless. If you want to pack your original gift in a discreet and simple way, tulle or satin are a particularly suitable material. If on the other hand, you are looking for fun ideas for the Christmas wrapping of mason jars, you can buy warm socks with typical winter symbols and patterns as a bonnet and simply put them on the glass.

Jam Jar Decorating Knitted Hood Winter Colors

If you like to knit and crochet, a crocheted jam jar cap would also be an original idea if you want to pack and decorate jam for Christmas. Decorated in this way, the gift looks very stylish and decorative and brings a touch of vintage and Christmas nostalgia with it. First, choose a colorful wool or some in the typical Christmas color. Packing homemade, original gifts is child’s play, as you can see. Dare and let your craft fantasy run wild!

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