Pony Hairstyles instructions depending on the Faceshape with Old Haircuts Pony Hairstyles instructions depending on the Faceshape with Old Haircuts Pony Hairstyles instructions depending on the Faceshape with Old Haircuts

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Pony Hairstyles Instructions Depending On The Faceshape With Old Haircuts

Pony Hairstyles Instructions Depending On The Faceshape With Old Haircuts

Pony Hairstyles Instructions Depending On The Faceshape With Old Haircuts
July 27
00:40 2017

If you are looking for a new hairstyle with a big change. but not all hair is radically cut short, usually, decides for a pony. Pony hairstyles change the appearance despite little effort immensely. to create a girlish or cheeky look depending on the pony shape. Just when you decide spontaneously for a hair style and do not want to wait until the next hairdresser’s appointment. you can quickly grab scissors.

So that this does not lead to disappointments. there is so much to consider if you want to cut your pony yourself. Helpful tips and instructions on how to cut the pony. we have put together in this article. So you are guaranteed to get the perfect look and your new hairstyle will soon be available to everyone else.

Pony Cutting Helpful Tips and Necessary Tools.

What you should definitely avoid when you cut the pony is the use of your kitchen scissors. Other scissors that you use in everyday life are taboo. They are not sharp enough and are simply not made for this purpose, for the dull blades are split. Especially if you regularly make a pony and cut the pony accordingly, again and again, it is worthwhile to invest in professional scissors. Such there is for very little money to buy. And the result is guaranteed better.

Pony Cutting Necessary Tools

You also need a comb. This too is anything but expensive and just belongs to cutting. Do not try to use a brush instead. This makes everything at the most even more complicated. The comb, on the other hand, not only shares the hair wonderfully but makes everything much clearer thanks to its narrow design.

Vertical Cutting Tip.

Never cut horizontally! Even if a straight pony is desired, always hold the scissors vertically or diagonally upwards and cut into the hair. This is how you go by the way and do not risk taking too much of the hair or even getting a crooked pony. Also, you should not pull the hair down too strongly with the comb. Even then, too much can be cut off quickly and the pony is much too short.

Vertical Hair Tip With Manual Pony Cutting Hairstyles

This is also the reason why you should cut a pony when your hair is dry. The moisture makes the hair longer due to the heaviness (albeit minimal). As soon as the hair is dried after the pony cutting and has contracted again. one experiences a nasty surprise because they become shorter.

Pony Cutting Instructions Depending On The Shape.

How exactly the cutting is done. depends, on the form you want to receive. So the hair for straight ponies is differently kept and cut than in an oblique version. We have two guides that will help you. if you want to cut the pony. Always allow yourself time. If you’re in a hurry, move your new ponytail to another day.

Pony Cut Hairstyle Idea Itself Make

A Straight Pony Cut.

If you do not have a pony yet, it is advisable to have the first cut done with a hairdresser. This can be the best form of your face and in this way also best determine the correct length, width, and density. Later on, you have to cut the finished look regularly, which is, of course, a lot easier.

If you do not want to wait and make the ponytail yourself out of your still long hair, first bind a horse tail. From this horse tail, you now pull the strut several times with the comb from the front parts or you first separate the strands and then tie the hair together.

Simple Straight Pony Cut Pony Beginner Idea

Drop them over the face. This is the easiest way to determine how thick and how wide the pony should be. You can also adjust the angle of the eye when you cut the pony. The ends of the pony should not go too far over the outer corner of the eye.


If you are satisfied with the amount of hair, first cut your hair roughly to your height. Here it does not matter if the cut is crooked, because you cut them even further, in order to get the correct length. Now you can begin to neck the hair by and by. Finally, they should reach under the eyebrows. Check periodically the length of the pony and whether the cut is straight. Then, if necessary, you can continue cutting the pony or ending with it.

Cut An Oblique Pony.

If you want to cut the pony diagonally, it is again different. You can cut an oblique pony by yourself using the same tools. If you cut the pony yourself, make sure that the shortest part does not reach beyond the lowest edge of the eyebrow. Cutting an oblique pony properly is not a very easy task. If you still do it, proceed as follows:

A slanting pony is achieved by combing the desired hair parts forward again and then tying the remaining hair up or stuck together. When you take the anterior strand for the pony, two vertices form on the left and right of her head, forming a triangle, so to speak. Its tip is at the center of the head at best, but it depends on how much hair you cut or how thick you want the pony. The logs are a great aid. Depending on which face a side pony is cut, the opposite apex serves, so to speak, as a parallel to the cut.

Oblique Pony Video.

Now take the strand to the opposite side of the selected one and comb it smoothly. So if you want the pony on the right, take the strand to the left and vice versa. Now you define the cutting line. This, as already mentioned, runs parallel to the apex and should be approximately under the cheekbones. This can vary, of course, depending on how long the pony should be. Let them stretch a little bit longer and then cut them little by little, as a too short pony to cut.

Alternatively, a razor can be used if you want to cut an oblique pony. How this works, you will learn in this video:

Re-Trim The Pony And Regularly Cut.

It is best to wear the hair of the pony every few days, instead of waiting for weeks until it is too long and falls into the eye. This simply makes the work easier. If you have not yet found the time or just forgot it, just follow the instructions given in the respective instructions: In the dry state, take a part of the hair with the comb and a little bit. Then check the length to determine if you still need to cut a little. Again, cut vertically and NOT horizontally!

Oblique Pony Cut Video Tutorial Feminine, Playful Look

In addition, it should be mentioned that many hairdressers now also offer the after-cuts free of charge. after you have performed the basic cut on her. You should also consult your hairdresser. It may even turn out that it is unnecessary to bother yourself.

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