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Top 3 Short Haircuts Hairstyles To Medium And Long

short Haircuts
Short Haircuts Hairstyles To Medium And Long

If you have a short cuts hairstyle, or if you have opted for a mid-cut, or if you prefer to leave your long hair, here are three different hairstyles that may be right for you.

3 Step Different Short Haircuts

The short haircuts are a must have missed, to take a look fashionable and feminine, as we teach the many stars who have often opted for a short cut, and sometimes very short. But what we can achieve hairstyles on short hair?

And yet, what we can copy hairstyles for medium hair cuts or long hairstyles? If we did not want to dare the hairdresser with scissors and decided to leave a little ‘thicker our hair, we know how to style the best.

Here, then, 3 different hairstyles for 3 different types of haircuts: to each her perfect hairstyle!

01. Short Hair Cuts, Hairstyle With Curls

short Haircuts

Here you are a simple and effective hairstyle for short hair, which we propose a twist to frame the head and hold off the curls and ringlets that we can go to create, if you do not already have them in the back of the head.

02. Medium Hair Cuts, Simple Hairstyle

short Haircuts

However, if you have a haircut medium, here we indulge ourselves a little ‘more, with this hairstyle fast and easy to be implemented in as little as 10 minutes, for a sleek and feminine that we can go to embellish with flowers or flakes.

03. Long Hair Cut, Romantic Hairstyle

short Haircuts

Finally, if you have long hair and do not want to renounce to emphasize your flowing hair, that’s our hairstyle, is for you it is a seed crop, which are released by the hair in the back, putting them in order with a romantic braid.

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