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30+ Cool Summer Hairstyles For Teenager Girls To Re-Style[2020 2021]

Elegant Black Bows – Feminine Chic For Teen Girl

Cool Girl Hairstyles Teenager Teens Half-Open Straight Hair

The sweetest fashion detail for 2018 is loops! We also like to wear these as jewelry in the hair!

1. Use a stalk comb to divide a portion of the hair on the top of the head and create a half-high ponytail.

2. Fix the ponytail with a rubber band and then tie a hair bow on it. It is best to use a 12 cm tape.

Hairstyle Teenager Girl Herself Making Summer Ponytail Loop

3. Then take the rest of your hair and tie a low ponytail to the back of your head. Fix with a rubber band.

4. Now add the upper ponytail and tie them together with a second ribbon. Use a brand that is 5 cm longer than the top because it holds more hair together.

Hairstyle Teenager Girl 15 Years Grinding Ponytail

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