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Latest Summer Pants 2020 2021 – Wear Super Stylish Trousers With Top Combination Look

Summer Pants Trend # 2: Pants with flounces are in great demand

So far flounces and ruffles have been more like blouses and dresses. In 2020 2021 we will also find it in trousers. Flounces on the legs are more than in demand this year. Playful, feminine, and casual at the same time. We like!

How flounce trousers styled:

The pants are already conspicuous: the playful designs are also – a flounce trousers combined with a frilly blouse is then but a little too much.

Better: A simple basic top in white or black. Also, shoes and bag should not have too much shishi.

For smaller women, too: Hands off the floor-length model. Better to choose a pair of trousers that will free the ankles. Otherwise you will look even smaller than you actually are.

Summer Pants Trend # 3: In 2020 2021 we wear culottes with creases

Good news for all culotte fans: In 2020 2021, too, the pieces will play a leading role again. However, the comfortable pants skirts get a trend update: Now we wear culottes with creases.

Good news for all culotte fans: In 2020 2021, too, the pieces will play a leading role again. However, the comfortable pants skirts get a trend update: Now we wear culottes with creases.

The creases turn the casual pants into an elegant business look in an instant. In cooler temperatures turtleneck and casual blazer look great.

In summer you can combine the Culotte 2.0 with a thin T-shirt or top, summery espadrilles or sporty sneakers. If you like it more chic, combine the pants with a blouse and pumps.

Summer Pants Trend # 4: The cargo pants are back

The summer pants likely to be unknown to some of you from the 90s. At that time she preferred to wear clean tops and buffalo shoes. We are talking about cargo pants. They are celebrating their big comeback in 2020 2021. Models like Alessandra Ambrosio or Bella Hadid have already discovered the trousers with the side pockets.

The summer pants worn with tight tops, and casual shirt or long sleeve. We particularly like the modern cargo pants made of silky fabric and high waist cut.

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Pant Trends # 5: Vinyl pants are hot in 2020 2021

There is no way around vinyl in 2020 2021. The hype about the trousers in the patent leather look has already begun last fall – fashion bloggers and fashionistas love the shiny material and show how easy it is to add a touch of extravagance to any simple outfit with vinyl pieces.

the material reminds you of a fetish party rather than cool street styles.

How to combine vinyl pants for everyday use:

The nuts and bolts of vinyl pants is the right style. Since the material is already striking enough, you should rather keep your hands off super sexy tops, other vinyl pieces, overknee boots, lace and trashy neon colors.

Defuse the sexy look with simple basic shirts. Hoodies, oversize sweaters, casual loose shirts, long coats and sneakers are the perfect styling partner for patent leather trousers.

Due to the break in style, the extravagant material is immediately suitable for everyday use. Fashion bloggers like to style a long blouse, a cool hoodie and a glencheck-look coat.

If you like something a little more elegant or you want to dress a little more stylishly in the evening, you can also combine a floppy blouse, pointed ankle boots and fake fur coats for trousers. But here, too, less is more.

How to wear Pants In Summer

Natural for every woman to give more attention to appearance. Every woman would want to look beautiful and attractive so that most of them are always trying to wear clothes that accentuate the hotness.

Summer hot pants lookbook is one type of clothing is very popular with foreign women especially during the summer. Now you can also see a lot of Indonesian women wearing hot pants summer all the time because Indonesia is indeed a tropical country.

Summer Pants

If you want to make you look attractive while wearing hot pants you need to wear the right mix to hot pants both superiors and other accessories including shoes.

Following solid match hot pants with a choice of clothing and accessories.

1. Summer Pants paired with blouses will make you look simple with a classic impression. This alloy is very suitable to wear when you travel outside of the home.

2. Summer Pants are offered with a variety of materials.

3. If you wear Summer Pants with a rigid material you should combine it with a loose blouse. You can also combine cotton blouse with Summer Pants with a material that falls like silk or elastic material.

4. Blazers are generally used with skirts or trousers. However, who would have thought if the blazer paired with Summer Pants can make you look elegant and stylish.

5. You can also wear stockings under hot pants if do not want to show off the whole leg. you can wear stockings with matching color.

6. So you do not look vulgar in wearing hot pants, you should avoid high heels that are too high to the right while wearing Summer Pants.

7. Heels no more than five inches will make you look more elegant. For a more casual look you can choose to wear flat shoes.

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