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A Short Haircut for Every Face Style

What kind of short haircuts is the one that best suits my face shape? If I have a square jaw, the long, narrow face, the protruding chin, round cheeks … what kind of court should I use? Here are the answers to all these questions.

Short Haircuts Round Face Thick Hair

Everything depends on the contour of the face. There are three types of faces: square, oval and round. Generally, on an oval face, any type of cut fits well.

The round or square faces, there are two possibilities. Well, the person to assume the shape of your face and want to reinforce the lines, and then you can make a cut hair short and square, or that try to harmonize and reduce the angles (which usually give better results) as this provides smoother features.

For example, if you have an elongated face, avoiding should reduce hair too long, to create some harmony. If you have a wide forehead, you can let yourselves grow hair bangs to cover the open area.

If you want an asymmetrical cut, it is a fairly distinct style, and therefore, the face should be a very harmonious entrance. For example, a haircut shaped ball can do very well with an oval face, but should be avoided on a round face. For the square face, we risk strengthening of the jaw.

The strip of hair is great for people who have a long face, or a fairly wide forehead. The bangs help to rebalance and offer greater harmony to the face. Similarly, a fringe allows the look is accentuated, reaffirming a particular style. However, we must avoid bangs if we have small eyes or not the very wide front.

With fine hair without volume

A haircut is not based on the hair, but according to the face, the style of the person, and all that is possible. Based on this, the capillary material is changed.

For example, if the field is missing, you can create more depth thanks to the roots, creating a contrast that provides greater volume. In any case, there are many hair products and accessories that can give hair volume, or it can smooth or even curl, depending on our needs.