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Two-color nail manicure is securely fixed in the list of the most current trends. Three nail – one color, two – the other, each nail in two shades, variations on the theme of his tunic or nail holes staining in a separate tone – the mass of options. We picked the most spectacular and trendy combination of lacquer shades, to your manicure was the most stylish!

Lavender and cherries

Delicate pastel shade cold tide ideally combined with a passionate red.

Dusty Blue and brick

The classic combination of brown and blue looks interesting if one shade slightly softened, and the second, on the contrary, very bright.

Peach and jasper

Perfect match for those, who like the combination of natural shades.

Powdery and golden

Your Nude never looked so elegant and luxurious.

Fuchsia and tangerine

Stylish, trendy, youth, unusual!

White and sapphire

The fashion is a manicure in a nautical theme, and these shades for him – must-have.

Peppermint and metal

Minty shade does not hand over positions, but in mono version, looks are not so important. Here in combination with metallic – is another matter!

Coffee and chocolate

Similar in tone, but different in tone: in your office adhere to the classic dress code.

Gold and Emerald

The combination of the two ” gem” colors look particularly impressive if supported by the clothes items.

Blueberry and lemon

Contrast option with the summer shades: be bright!