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The 5 Dresses for New Year 2017 to Be Bold But Elegant

Dresses for New Year’s 2017 best should represent: obviously will have a little touch of elegance, since it is a major holiday but will also allow us to have the grit needed to be able to better address on the last day of the year.

Dresses for New Year 2017 must be chosen with care, opting for the best solution for the party to which we have chosen to participate in the last year. Obviously, we need to unleash our full elegance and our femininity in order to conclude style with these twelve months not to mention that on New Year’s edgy looks are always good ideas.


In our gallery you can see a variety of looks from which we can take inspiration for our New Year’s outfits: long evening dresses, more or less sensual and romantic but also short dresses to be bold and rock in every situation.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 dresses for New Year’s Eve to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017.

Dresses for New Year Asymmetric

The asymmetrical dress for New Year is a great choice for those who want to give a little ‘motion to our outfits last year. Maybe to choose from with full skirt but also a pencil skirt is perfect for New Year’s Eve.

New Year asymmetrical dress with full pencil skirt is perfect for New Year's Eve

Short Dresses for New Year

For those who want a sensual style and rock, gritty and fascinating, here’s a short dress, a trendy mini dress and perhaps with a metallic hue will be absolutely ideal to combine with a simple shrug.

New Year short dress, a trendy mini dress

One Shoulder Dresses for New Year

The one-shoulder dresses are also an excellent solution for the New Year celebrations 2014: give a touch of sensuality and unique style to our look to show off but without the bretellina bra in plain sight, which would ruin the effect glamorous finish.

One Shoulder Dresses for New Year

Red Clothes for New Year

Red is definitely the ideal color for the Christmas and New Year here is that for the last day of the year we can choose long or short dresses, available in this color, then perhaps opting for accessories blacks.

Red Clothes for New Year,red new years eve dress,chinese new year red,red bull new year

Clothes for New Year’s Eve with Slit

For a look sensual and feminine, that’s dresses for New Year’s Eve with side slits, more or less deep, it is absolutely the best choice to leave everyone speechless. To be selected for greater elegance in black, red for greater sensuality in emerald green to be more trendy.

Clothes for New Year's Eve with Slit

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