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Tips And Tricks To Prepare The Skin To The First Rays Of Sun UVA / UVB

With the first rays, we all want to offer a good sunbath. Upstream, here are some tips to take to prepare your skin and boost your exposure

The first rays of the sun are there (no, we do not want to jinx it by talking too fast …)! After gloomy winters – we helped you to cope with our tips and tricks to look good – we look forward to presenting our bodies to recharge our batteries vitamin D and take a few colors. But we know: when our skin has not seen the sun for a long time, it is more sensitive to UV. It is for this reason that it must be prepared gently, to avoid nasty burns but also to get a nice tan over time. We can not say it enough, but exfoliation and hydration are two fundamental actions to be taken to an even tan that lasts.

Once or twice a week, say goodbye to the dead skin in the shower with a good exfoliant, such as silk protein of La Sultana de Saba ( € 28.90 at Marionnaud) who exudes oriental scents and leaves skin beautifully soft and hydrated.

Coming out of the shower, apply a nourishing body lotion. At meltyFashion, we love the moisturizer for the body of Natura Ekos enriched Buriti oil ( € 25 ), this fruit from a palm tree typical of Brazil. Its exotic but delicate scent is as addictive as its nourishing power: no more dry zone will rebel. If exfoliation and hydration are the basics of a well-prepared skin to the sun, we can continue to help cope with rays, especially internally.

Prepare the skin to sun externally, is good.

But help counter the harmful effects of radiation to keep only the good side, it’s even better. To do this, start a course of capsules Tanning Sublime of Laboratory Juvamine, two weeks before the exhibition – the easy alternative if you do not want to stuff yourself to carrots and other orange fruits and vegetables before your holiday.

Enriched with beta-carotene, vitamin E, C, and copper, the capsules provide the body all components to help prevent skin aging and boost production of collagen and melanin. In short, a cocktail of natural active who wish you well!

Finally, the long-awaited moment of sun exposure has arrived, and if you follow our tips and tricks already recommended to keep fresh legs longer, you made 90% of the way. Remains to apply sunscreen to counteract UVA / UVB.

Instead of a good olive oil or fat to milk, preserve your health with a cream containing a high degree of protection, such as Terracotta Sun Protect from Guerlain, who acts both as solar moisturizing and tanning accelerator. With its warm and sensual fragrance, creamy texture that leaves no trace and ultra screw tip practice, it stands out as the must-have for your beach cart to brown safely. Hello, sunshine!

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