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Top 5 Fabulous Places To Celebrate Christmas With Family

Top 5 Fabulous Places To Celebrate Christmas With Family

Top 5 Fabulous Places To Celebrate Christmas With Family
December 16
21:17 2016

Are you a fan of Christmas? Do you love illuminations, race gifts, the smell of mulled wine or turkey with the chestnut grandmother? It’s a good thing, but how about taking some distance with all these rituals and celebrates Christmas differently? Here are the 5 best places for an unforgettable Christmas.

Celebrate Christmas in the Far North to revive the magic

When you think of Christmas, we often think of cold, snow falling in large flakes and a little hut in the woods where near a warm fireplace, trôneraient great gifts. If you want your dreams to become reality, then towards Rovaniemi in Finland, which is none other than the Santa Claus Village.

Lapland offers a legendary festival and a unique experience. You will be surrounded by dense forests, white reindeer, elves and the famous Santa Claus, with whom you can even take a souvenir photo. Guests will be won by the joy and good mood, which make Rovaniemi a magical place where celebrate Christmas with family.

Due to the proximity of the village to the Arctic Circle, you will also the chance to attend the spectacular Northern Lights. Side activities, treat you to a tour with huskies or reindeer, a snowmobile safari or a visit to Santa’s office to leave it in a safe place, your list for next year.

New York, one of the best places to spend Christmas overseas

For all lovers of grandeur and effervescence, New York stands out as the city in which to spend the New Year holidays.

Manhattan will surprise indeed more in this period: it will shine a thousand lights with all its colourful billboards, on both sides of buildings, and the flakes fall on the busy streets of Time Square.

You can obviously not escape the iconic and huge Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, as well as its outdoor rink. Take the opportunity to visit the Christmas markets: Bryant Park, Grand Central Terminal, Union Square Park … Big Apple is waiting for you!

The Caribbean islands, or how to celebrate Christmas in the sun!

If you fancy a change of scenery in climate, tasty and carols towards the Caribbean, one of the best destinations for the holiday season.

Whatever the chosen island, the most important to remember is that when you arrive, you can take off your jacket and huge spend the rest of your stay in a bikini. That alone is already a huge gift! As for the island destination, the choice is wide.

Trinidad, for example, will welcome you with parangs, traditional Christmas music that brings friends and neighbours for very lively evenings. As for the menu, smoked ham, rum punch, wine, ginger beer and turkey, what to delight the taste buds!

Cuba also awaits you. Join the lively Havana the night of December 25 with maracas. Browse through the streets, listening to the music emanating from every street corner, and taste the typical meal of pork, rice with black beans, tubers and pastries.

But beware, in Cuba, there is no gift on Christmas Day, it will be the Magi on January 6.

One of the best places in the southern hemisphere to spend Christmas? Australia of course!

If the flight is not an obstacle for you, then destination Australia to spend Christmas unforgettable. It all began on 24 evening. Make vocalisations and get ready to sing Christmas Songs to the end of the night!

Indeed, the tradition is that on Christmas Eve, Christmas concerts are held throughout the country. If you’re lucky, you may even witness a great show in Melbourne, mixing traditional songs, songs and contemporary illuminations.

The day of December 25, is the output of all the Santas on the beaches. In shirt and shorts, they indulge in surfing competitions organised on many beaches in the country. This tradition will surprise more than one!

As for the menu, ham on the bone, turkey and baked potato and the famous Christmas pudding. However, the country is multicultural, alternative sees more and more the day: organising a picnic on the beach with family or a barbeque with friends in the garden.

Australia for Christmas? There is one more step!

Paris, one of the best places to spend Christmas in France

Closer to us, but just as magical, Paris will easily emerge as the destination for celebrating Christmas. Capital recognised for being the most beautiful city in the world, it certainly no exception to its reputation for a period as lively as that of the year-end holidays.

The Champs-Elysées will delight you after dark with its many lights, like a river of light. You may be lucky enough to come on Santa, which often lingers at the bottom of the avenue.

What is certain is that you will be spoiled for choice to do your last minute shopping and thanks to the many stores that line, as well as sheds the Christmas market. If magic does not operate enough for children, towards Marne-la-Vallée and the legendary theme park Disneyland for Christmas.

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