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Trendy Short Hairstyles for Women: The Top Haircuts 2020 2021

Sometimes cheeky, sometimes casual – short hairstyles in women can look very different. Take a look at our small collection of contemporary short hairstyles for women and discover some of the most fashionable haircuts that will be featured in the 2020 2021 season.

Many models, actresses, singers and it-girls have already said goodbye to their long manes and present themselves with fashionable pixie cuts and chin-length bobs on the red carpet.

Sometimes cheeky, sometimes casual – short hairstyles in women can look very different. Many models, actresses, singers and it-girls have already said goodbye to their long manes and present themselves with fashionable pixie cuts and chin-length bobs on the red carpet.

Short Hairstyles Women Thin Hair Page

The pixie cut is extremely versatile and can look very different. Technically, the classic short haircut works like this: long top hair, shorter sides. But this hairstyle offers many different possibilities.

The trick is to find the right styling that best suits your face shape. A hairstyle can make the proportions of our face look more harmonious and conceal minor blemishes.

Discover below some of the most beautiful variants of the Pixie hairstyle!

Short Hairstyles With Long Bangs

Along pony that ends under the eyebrows are very popular in combination with a short haircut. Here are some great examples of Pixie-Cut with a long pony. The pony is left on one side to the earlobe long and styled voluminous to the side.

The other side is shorter, at the back the hair is the shortcut. Opt for a lightly fringed pony. The long bangs go well with an elongated face and conceal a high forehead.

Short Hairstyle Women Pixie Pony

It is interesting but true: modern youth (and not only) is getting shorter each year. And so the pony is made longer. Still, they can remove the absence of the face, and the beautiful features, on the contrary, it is advantageous to open easily.

It is torn, layered, and smooth or performed with light waves. Its length can either touch the cheekbones or go under the line of the chin. Thanks to this “diversity” hairstyles with a long bang on short hair are suitable for every person and fashionable style.

Types and shapes of fashionable bangs

An elongated cheek with asymmetry creates a striking contrast on the wearer’s head while slightly altering the overall shape of the haircut.

The oblique cheek visually softens the unnecessarily “boyish” image or the flabby cheekbones.

Jagged bangs wipe the transition from the bang to the rest of the “mane”.

Short haircuts with a long bang: options

Models Of A Long Pony With Short Hair

With which haircuts do you like to connect an elongated cheek with modern fashion ladies?

Particularly successful is the picture with an asymmetrical bang. If you have remarkable eyes and a moving, expressive face, you will be perfect. However, even if you are dissatisfied with certain facial features, the “camouflage” abilities of such a bang will be very useful to you.

There are so many beauties and skillful craftsmen, so many variations of combining such haircuts with an elongated bang can be seen on the streets. It can be a short cascade, a geometrically-clear bean, a square, structured, creative.

Haircuts with the shortest or shaved neck. Why would not they mix with the trend bang? Both decisions this year are the “Master” of the hottest barber.

Important note: The bang in this picture should only be smooth. Disobedient hair is recommended to pacify with iron and pick something up on one side or to bring it forward.

How To Style Short Hairstyles With the Long bang

But of course, it’s not enough just to get a haircut, and then just a month to wash your hair and blow-dry. To look expensive, you need to take care of your hair all the time and use make-up cosmetics (from the carefully selected shampoo to professional masks).

Do not you want to wear a smooth bang?

Even elongated versions with rumination or structuring are considered topical. They are very young people styling the image towards popular rock music, or the grunge style venerated by women of fashion.

Asymmetrical Short Hairstyles For Women

Asymmetric short hairstyles are perfect for women who like to attract attention! Super acts in this hairstyle and the undone look. If you want to bring more structure and movement in your hair, you can use a few curls in the front part irregularly with a curling iron screw in.

Short Hairstyle Women Asymmetric Long Pony

Latest Trend Asymmetric Bob Haircuts

Asymmetric bob haircuts: one of the most popular hair models of the last days, and really stylish example of an asymmetrical haircut. This hairstyle is the best way to see the ladies who prefer a modern look. You will definitely have to try this wonderful hairstyle that fits many face shapes.

Bob cut hairstyle is a model that women prefer because long hair is no longer fashionable. And in the last few days, we have been summarizing on social media and style icons have a bob hairstyle. Now everyone wants this hairstyle, if you want to keep up with this trend, let’s take a look at this great recommendation!

Asymmetrical Hairstyles!

Asymmetrical Short Hair styles

An asymmetrical hairstyle is simply a style that is not the same on both sides. It looks like intended but not skillfully mine. But the hairstyle is from year to year, again and again, an absolute trend of never boring. There are different types of asymmetric hairstyle.

We searched out some asymmetrical short hairstyles, just rummage through.

Asymmetry can be created with less drastic differences. There were classic bob haircuts that were cut to length on one side and gradually increase or decrease in length to the other side of the head.

You can also completely shave off one side and leave the other side longer like a short bob, this does not just look pretty but also totally cool and wild at the same time.

Asymmetric hairstyles are usually worn by the younger crowd, especially women who have their own funky style. The ladies who want to attract a lot of attention, therefore, choose shorts hairstyle.

Let Pixie-Cut Grow Longer

The longer pixie cut is a great transition hairstyle from short to medium or from Pixie to Bob. The haircut is short enough to look cheeky and catch everyone’s attention. Nevertheless, the extra-long front hair part of the hairstyle gives a feminine appeal and frames the face in an elegant way. The hairs on the sides are also longer.

Short Hair styles Women Long Pixie

Short Hairstyles For Women With Natural Curls

Anything but boring is a short haircut with curly hair. Natural curls are always a real eye-catcher and generally stand for casualness and informality, but also temperament. Curls are quite difficult to tame with long hair.

In contrast, the short haircut is very easy to care for. It allows the individual to curls enough space to develop their bounce and thus provides impressive wow effects. If you have very strong curls, it’s best to opt for a short bob. A slightly longer pixie cut goes well with slightly wavy hair.

Short Hair styles Women Natural Curly Hair

Short With Undercut

The undercut is not only popular with men. Scarlett Johannson showed up in 2015 with a shaved short haircut. With short shaved sides and neck areas the focus is on the cool madness. By the way, the long topcoat offers a lot of styling possibilities.

Short Hair styles Women Undercut Long Pony

The Two-Tone Trend: Two Colors Possible On Short Hair

The superscript and spiky lace look cheeky and give the hairstyle a nice structure. By the way, the dark hairline on blonde hair is chic again and shows a certain “nonchalance”.

Short Hair styles Women Cheeky Blond Undercut

Short Hairstyles For Women – The Very Short Buzz Cut

It used to take a lot of courage to wear short hairstyles very short. But stars like Cara Delevigne and Jessie J have even shaved their heads, proving that they look attractive and feminine even without their hair.

The radical haircut is perfect for women with an elongated face and around the head shape. Who wants to miss the Buzzcut hairstyle upgrade, can also experiment with the color.

Short Hair styles Women Buzzcut Shaved Platinum Blond

Platinum Blonde Is Trendy

Hair in platinum blonde is very much in fashion when it comes to hair colors. The nuance causes a stir and leaves the viewer with a lasting impression. The silvery-white mane of Katy Perry has been given a nice step cut, which has different fringes.

Short Hair styles Women Cheeky Platinum Blond Katy Perry

At Dior’s Haute Couture Fashion Show in Paris, Katy Perry, Cara Delevigne and Kristen Stewart presented their sassy, platinum-blonde short haircuts.

However, the three ladies do not have the same hairstyle.

The Katy had a pixie cut for the occasion. Kristen and Cara were wearing short hair. The reason for the radical haircut of the actress and the model were her film roles.

Short Hairstyles For Women With Highlights

The trends from the 90s celebrate their comeback today! The jeans with high waistband and crop tops. now you will see again and again bleached tips on short hairstyles.

Short Hair styles Women 90s Buzzcut Highlights
Shorthair Hair-Blond Tresses-Frosted-Tips-Bleached-Tip

The Blunt Bob

The haircut is suitable for this as well as thick hair and can end directly under the ears or at the level of the chin.

Short Hair styles women blunt bob platinum blond without scale

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