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The 5 Best Wavy Hairstyles for Hair Trends 2020: DIY Beach Waves

Not smooth, not curly – wavy hairstyles is somewhere in between and is definitely in vogue. Whether as casual beach waves or shimmering glamor wave. Above all, shoulder-length, fine hair benefits from waves, because they conjure up movement and fullness in the hair.

The hair can be formed at home in two ways (from the third option, the term, we strongly advise against DIY styling!): Once, heat ensures that the compounds in the hair inside quickly release and reshape. Curling iron and heating winder work on this principle.

Or the hair is brought into a moist state by mechanical pressure in shape – for example by pilots. But there are a number of other methods to conjure up trendy waves in the hair.

Here are the top five tips for wavy hair:

1. Wavy Hairstyles: Waves with the Curling Iron

The moment, curling iron? Do not worry: If you do not completely wind up the hair, but hold on to the end and then knead the hair, you will get lush waves and no ringlets. This wave method is also great for fine hair and bob length.

Wavy Hairstyles For Fine Hair And Bob Length

Step 1: First pretreat the still wet hair with a heat protection spray or foam (eg ‘Instant Volume Boost Mousse‘ by Wellaflex). Then blow dry the hair over a large round brush. The roundness of the brush already brings momentum and tension into the hair – this will benefit later the waves.

Step 2: Now split the hair into lots and put the upper part away with a clamp. Then work the curling iron on the lower part of the strand by strand (not too thin): hold the strand of hair down at the tips, hold the curling iron straight in the direction of the neck and wrap the hair around the curling iron two to three times, depending on the length. Hold briefly, let cool and release.

Step 3: Fix the locks with a little hairspray or hair wax.

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