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The 5 Best Wavy Hairstyles for Hair Trends 2020: DIY Beach Waves

4. Wavy Hairstyles: waves with papilots

Papilots are the curlers’ little sisters and work on the same principle. The only difference is that they are only one to two centimeters thick and can do without staples, making their application very uncomplicated and ideal for styling novices.

Basically, to compensate for the thin diameter of the pilots, do not roll up too fine strands. Otherwise, there will be ringlets at the end. For medium-length hair of normal thickness, six pilots suffice.

Step 1: Distribute firm or volume foam in still-damp hair. Weave strand by strand onto the papillote from the top.

Step 2; Bend the two ends of the winder together so that it forms an ‘O’ – this keeps the strands in place.

Step 3; If you like, you can blow-dry the hair – then allow it to cool well.

Step 4: Bend paploots, unwind hair and shake. A few gentle brush strokes and the waves are here!

Tip: If you want natural waves, wrap the hair only slightly above ear level and leave the neck smooth.

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