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Wedding Ceremony Dresses – Luisa Spagnoli For Autumn Winter [2020-2021]

The Wedding ceremony dresses collection by Luisa Spagnoli for fall-winter 2020 2021. Luisa Spagnoli dedicated: the wedding ceremony. they put off the refined style and feminine creations and alternating classic-proposals that wink to modernity.

The Italian fashion house offers such a wide range of dresses of medium length, that you take leave from work in lace in different colors, ranging from soft shades to darker brushstrokes.

Wedding Ceremony Dresses

Wedding Ceremony Dresses by Luisa Spagnoli

The romantic floral patterns made of the Duchess. come together in life and create the centerfold the skirt.

Luisa Spagnoli Formal wear 2020 2021 collection

Silk Flower printed Wedding Dress Duchesse With Long Wavy Hairstyle

Enter the suits georgette shirt with polka dots. you wore with a blue jacket in silk cady Lapel shawl and trousers. the regular waist and pleated front en pendant in color;

The refined style and feminine outfits to give a ‘classical aesthetics instance the modern cut.

Look at the pictures.

Gorgeous and timeless gowns for the Mother of the Bride

Sure, the mother always plays an important role in the wedding.

In a colorful gallery, the most beautiful outfits for mothers, whose children appear in front of the altar this year.

Discover different fabrics: Your perfect appearance at the wedding of your offspring! chiffon, look like, tulle, silk or organza,,,

Luisa Spagnoli Wedding Ceremony Dresses 2020 2021: photos, prices

We are now full of beautiful seasons and this is a time full of weddings, celebrations, communions, confirmations, baptisms, formal occasions and to which we are invited to attend. If you are invited to a celebration or an invitation Event in which you have to present yourself perfectly, let us together see what they are Luisa Spagnoli proposals 2020 2021!

Luisa Spagnoli, a historic Italian brand founded in 1928, has come a long way in terms of success, consolidating his reputation, even with a strong identity and sophisticated style.

The creativity and the quality They are fixed points for this brand, which devotes much attention to the feminine reality.

In this article, we focus on the suits suitable for a ceremony proposed in the catalog 2020 2021, rich in colors, extremely trendy and unusual models. Mini dresses, suits, maxi dresses, suits: there is really everything!

Let’s take a look at the photos with the prices to find out what a thousand options are that you can bet on to be at the top of a special occasion!


We have said that this new collection pokes out of all pores, thanks in particular to the use of a very wide range of colors. In fact, the monochrome with details and workmanship to embellish the dress, it seems to be a key element in this line, perhaps because it allows us to play more freely with accessories.

In any case, here are some brushstrokes of color that come fresh from the catalog Luisa Spagnoli!


The Red Lobster It is fine with metallic details, especially gold or white. Below we have three outfits made with these games and they are really impressive.

On the left side, the knit dress and the jacket (price € 295 and € 225) are the basis for the sparkle of the chain and the belt golden handbag (price € 260), right instead of the red stretch cotton dress (price € 280) with embroidery in white lace on the top and decorated by the handbag made of perforated leather (price € 280). In the middle a complete classic jacket and pants (price € 268 and € 145).



For a very feminine touch, Rose never hurts! Here is a micro jacquard dress on the left side (price € 298), with a soft neckline and drawstring, worn with a necklace with multicolor circles (cost 98 €). Another option is the fuchsia dress in cotton completely covered with a layer of lace (cost € 268).

Multicolor Short Dresses


One of the nuances of summer is undoubtedly the turquoise green: look how beautiful these three proposals are! Very elegant the complete left of made green tunic in a wide shirt that gets tighter at the waist (costs 185 €), pants comfortable knit (costs 170 €) e leather bag (costs 298 €).

In the middle, a green suit in jacquard with microprint and cross-cut (price 320 €), very chic! Finally, a jersey dress with jeweled belt and cut batwing sleeves (price € 285).



Even the blue can, of course, be very summery and suitable for ceremonies. In the photo we see it combined with white and gold, the result is fantastic in both cases!

For those who can not give up comfort and freshness, but with class, excellent blue knit tunic (price 198 euros) worn with white crepe de chine pants with no-chic print, decorated with drawstring with tassels (price 250 euros ).

Soft also the dress in the middle, made of stretch viscose, with jewel neckline and drawstring at the waist (price 298 Euro).

More classic and sophisticated the right model, in jacquard, with geometric print and seams at the waist, marked by white profiles (cost 275 euros).

The look is completed by a perforated leather case (costs 285 euros).


Luisa Spagnoli ceremony dresses 2020 2021: photos, prices


Has Black & White ever gone out of style?

No, and there is a reason! It is always good in every situation! For an outfit that focuses more on white, on the left side we see a great cotton-piquet stretch with appliqué in lace (cost € 275), combined with a black leather clutch (available for € 260) and an important one Bracelet (price 58 Euro).

If you want to combine clothes to create different looks, here is a black blouse in crepe de chine with elastic and bow at the waist (price 150 €), worn with a wonderful white skirt embroidered cotton (price 185 €). On the right side, a silk dress with a chic ethnic pattern and a round neckline with a black profile and bow (price € 298): beautiful!



The top is an ideal choice if we want to keep a sweet and romantic look, and in fact, the models are really many. We show you three: The one left is a blue shift dress Very refined in cotton and lace (cost 278 euros), on which the golden necklace with charm (price 98 euros), in the same style of the bracelet (price 72 euros).

It is instead all in lace the blue dress central with pockets (available at a price of 345 euros), accompanied by a white clutch covered with pearls (price 115 euros). We find the same style in the jacket on the right (price 325 euros), combined with very simple white pants in crepe (price 140 euros).

Dark Blue Dress

Wedding Ceremony Dresses: COLOR CELESTE

We can not miss the heavenly in this overview! One of the colors par excellences of the summer. There is an amazing blue dress leftover in silk caddy, embroidered with golden beads all over the bodice, with a cross that wraps around the waist (price € 485): no more to say, speak for yourself!

On the other hand, the model in the middle has a particular design iridescent cotton silk decorated with two loops (price 420 €). A cascade of pearls for the blue dress of tulle on the right, with games of symmetries of applications (price 540 €).

Sky Blue Dress in Silk, lace with on short long hair


On the left side the heat of a yellow dress: The dress is made of organza and lace, with floral embroidery, very spring (cost 410 euros)! It is combined with a clutch of silver and yellow stones (130 euros).

In the middle a touch of neon for this wonderful bright pink dress in cady and silk georgette, adorned by the stones at the neckline and by the intersection of the fabric at the waist (price 475 euros). The same material forms the Coral dress on the right with stole effect sleeves (price 460 Euro).

Multi Color Dressing, Yellow, Orenge, Margenda

One of these is the iridescent cotton silk we have already seen in one of the blue dresses.

Here we find it in a turquoise coat with a jewelry button, animated by the simple line through the sleeves (price 460 Euro).

In the middle turquoise dress with lace inserts embroidered on the skirt, very simple and sweet (price 465 Euro). To the right, we change the tone and we move on a smooth pink dress with pendants (available for 460 euros), worn with lace.


On the right side a silk georgette jumpsuit with yellow floral print (for sale at 398 €), very lively.

Printed Jumpsuit For Party


A model that never goes out of style is the case, perfect to be as chic as Audrey Hepburn! The classic is the little black dress, we see an example in the middle, in Ottoman, with v-neck and waistband (price € 330) to wear with a nice pearl necklace (price € 95). If we want to get away from this style, but not too much, we’ll try the right model, a polka dot dress with white lace inserts (cost € 370).

A quite different momentum for the model on the left side, in printed cotton silk with floral motifs and abstract blue and green, with a belt at the waist and a neckline (price € 338).

Perfect Dresses Style In Black Colletion


If “Ceremony” is synonymous with “Tailleur”, the next suggestions are for you!

Totally white for the medium suit in embroidered shirt and with gold buttons, from a white jacket for the price of 275 euros and an available white skirt for sale at 160 euros. Dare to be yellow if you do not want to go unnoticed.

Silk organza top embroidered (cost of € 270) is combined with a silk cady skirt (price € 188), the look is completed by yellow coat open in silk cady (price € 458).

The Model Are Sexy In Royal Dresses

COMPLETE Wedding Ceremony Dresses in PANTS

Would you like to concentrate on a suit but stay comfortable with Luisa Spagnoli trousers? No problem! Black and white for the lace jacket with decorative buttons (price 325 euros) combined with a pair of black pants in classic crêpe (price 158 euros), all decorated with a striking belt.

The central model is a bit more airy and cheerful, from a white and blue floral print tunic, in crepe de chine (price 290 euros), and blue pants in silk cady (price 198 euros). In the same shade, the right proposal, a silk and lace top (price 340 euros) and the same pants of the previous model.

Wedding Ceremony Dresses


And if you want to feel as beautiful as on a red carpet, put on long dresses, they are perfect for the evening! Classic and super elegant red dress in silk georgette (price 520 euros), decorated with a play of fabrics and movements of fabric along the entire bodice, decorated with a gold necklace that adorns the neckline and is part of the dress itself: divine!

Same model, but different colors for clothing right, two long dresses, and sinful tulle, completely embroidered with sequins to form geometric patterns that brighten the view of the leather at the neck (price 800 euros).

Long Dress For Party Clothes

Wedding Ceremony Dresses: WHERE TO BUY

Luisa Spagnoli Is a brand present in Italy and in the world with almost 200 single-brand stores, if you are fascinated by the beauty of these dresses and you need them urgently for a ceremony, you can visit the official website and check which store you are is closest. Otherwise, opt for an online store!

Do you feel ready to meet special occasions? Did we give you useful suggestions with the suggestions of Luisa Spagnoli? What do you think? Leave us a comment! If you do not want to risk making mistakes outfit, find our tips on how to dress when you’re invited to a wedding!

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