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Why Do We Like Jewelry?

Why Do We Like Jewelry?

Why Do We Like Jewelry?
October 05
06:17 2014

Pearls, gold, stones and fancy lights … Sometimes, simple and discreet, purchased or inherited jewelry like why so much?

Why Do We Like Jewelry?

All women love jewelry. It has even been said that women love all that glitters! Moreover, the pub telling the truth and described in full in the mile. Proof? When a woman speaks it’s usually poetry prevails.

Sociologists call the totems “embedded” because for many of us the jewelry appear as true identity markers. Simple ornaments or accessories to turn the whim of people as do, for others, they are more symbols or memories that almost never leaves. We love to the point of hiding, to caress … or talk to them.

Fortunately for the entire economic crisis has failed to erase the passion. Moreover, the luxury jewelry is well and sales on the web, in supermarkets or jewelers. In short, nothing seems to threaten the jewel. The former head of Cartier jewelry is convinced that the future will be as there will be women and as long as there are men for love. More women today are offered jewelry when they feel deserve them like to self congratulate.

In a society that has become increasingly narcissistic where everyone “thinks” and “wants” with a singularity she wishes to express by the way she presents himself to others it must be said that material distinction the diversity of jewelry let woman the opportunity to stand out. There are less than 50 years the jewel was of a code visible and readable.
Also, the well born girls wore pearl necklace to assert their class in contrast stud earrings were rather the prerogative of classes …

But thanks to the fads that helped erase differences of gender age and social class today wear trinkets can be chic! Because the distinction has ceased to carry on the financial value of jewelry but rather that they suggest the personality of their owner.
Thus to look trendy design is required. You want to view multicultural identity? Mixing genres is a golden rule.

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