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CC Cream & BB Cream for Natural Makeup For Light Skin Tones

Now CC Cream & BB Cream is the craze of the current Asian girls all from South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Singapore.

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BB cream make for a surprisingly effective natural makeup style in the morning without a combination of cosmetics. BB Cream became protagonists of the movement of natural makeup had a storming fashion magazines the categories and topics are attracting.

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BB Cream is the common name of a line of cream, BB cream is not as some people misunderstand the baby or bobby brown it stands for blemish balm or balm bibles.

BB cream of Base, Foundation, Concealer,(Natural Makeup), Sunblock, Moisturiser, Oil Control, Healing Properties (Skin Regeneration, Pore Tightening, Skin Toning), Optional Feature (Anti-wrinkle/Brightening/Whitening).

The downside of BB cream?

In the opinion of some people who have used past the biggest drawback is the BB cream tones. With the normal type of foundation, you can choose the best tones in a color palette that ordinary least for white colored, medium and dark. BB cream is not so, as noted above, most of BB cream for light skin tones medium,

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But BB cream is a wise choice rather than some kind of hard hitting foundation and to use the foam brush or sponge to spread it evenly with BB cream you just use your finger is already quite satisfactory results. Also unlike the creams face always feels heavy and thick base (especially after a few hours of use), BB cream creates soft feel on the skin smooth, clear and natural.

Nature Republic Launched a New Product Line CC Cream.

CC is an abbreviation of the phrase “color correction” or “color control” “adjusted CC cream color” so this product focuses on improving uneven skin color. Basically, CC cream components and also the same as BB cream in addition to CC cream Natural skin color is not leaning post.

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Cream color adjustment capabilities bring great experience interesting makeup. Not only bring the substrate but also natural beauty skin care due to its smooth blanket sunscreen with SPF30 providing water and moisturize skin from the inside out. Advanced formula offers extremely radiant skin naturally and quickly covers the imperfections on the skin giving skin soft, fresh and flawless beauty.

Now CC cream is the craze of the current Asian girls all from South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore … and increasingly global spread. CC cream has really created a trend a new wave to make-up the young girl overcomes the disadvantages that BB Cream is acquired.

Women With CC Cream Fever

Nature Republic currently has 3 types of CC Cream: Color Change, Tinted, Brightening.

1. Color Change

Rub lightly colored skin are perfectly spotless. Recommended for people who want good coverage, concealer and skin helping to bring natural skin color is rubbing lightly to the white fluid containing the particles of color to color with your natural skin tone.

2. Tinted.

For a subtle natural look and provide moisture to the skin for natural skin color were spotless recommended for people who want to cover average and average color.


the flower is the foundation for more coverage.

3. Brightening.

For radiant skin clear. Bring natural light skin smooth throughout, ideal as you do not use any makeup that Recommended for those who want to try the type of makeup throughout the country as “Water Glow Makeup”.


Hoa is the foundation for more coverage.

How to use CC Cream

1. Clean the skin with normal cleanser

2. Use rose water.

3. Moisturize.

4. Get CC cream 1 small amount in your palm or back of the hand. To put up the letters T, forehead, nose, cheeks and chin 2. Subscriptions are up 5 points from the face we just stop.

5. In order to achieve the higher coverage, you should spend a little talcum powder after CC cream and help control the amount of oil on the skin.

6. To achieve maximum coverage results use foundation and powder then use as moist as CC cream, concealer and make-up base.

7. Use makeup remover and cleanser to remove make as usual then use a toner and moisturizer normal.


• You should apply moisturizer or at least when the skin is still moist before using CC cream especially for dry skin or the skin may be dry flaky.

• Apply the CC cream after regular skincare steps. If you go to the beach you should use before CC class of sunscreen cream 1.

• You can use CC cream with palm / tip or manually. The use of foam hit the 3d Nature Republic to reach the membranes min at maximum efficiency.

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